Joining a new family after marriage calls for a bit of adjustments and compromises. Yet by good behavior and a little presence of mind you can easily make place in the hearts of your in-laws. Don't forget your in-laws are also humans and things that can impress others can very much stand true for them as well.

Whether you are a man or a woman things are more or less same when it comes to in-laws. A few simple yet effective techniques to impress your in-laws are given below:

The most important thing in impressing your in-laws is by treating all individuals respectfully. If you give all members love and care you will get it in return. Remember the world works on the principle of "tit for tat" and it sands true for relationships too.

Next thing to consider while thinking of having great relationship with your in-laws is to make sure you respect your spouse in front of them. You never know the hidden intentions of people and there are wicked humans too. So if you show disrespect towards your spouse they may get a chance of ignite and spread the fire which will aggravate the situation to extreme fights. So never let anyone get the opportunity to work as a match stick between both of you. Also, if nobody in the family has bad intentions of breaking your relation, treating spouse well will give parents and other family member's satisfaction.

Discuss with your spouse if there's anything that matters much in his or her parent's family. Since every one has different thinking there is a possibility that some issues which are considered light in your family matters much on your spouse's side; so know everything well in advance before it could give rise to misunderstandings and soreness in relationships.

Always ask for and try to apply spouse parents' advice. This gives them a feeling of involvement and they will feel good about helping you in making your important life decisions.

If you are not living in joint family system, you should always be the first one to invite your in-laws to your place after your marriage. This will not only give a good impression of yours but will also let you have your things well-settled and presentable before they arrive as compared to if they visit you on their own.

If you live in a joint family system, it is a must that there are occasions when you feel things aren't going your way and that might make you uncomfortable in your own place; so be creative and turn the wind to blow in the direction you want it to blow. For example, if you don't want your mother-in-law to help you in the kitchen while you are cooking you can ask her for something else like feeding baby etc. This will seem nice to her too and you will be comfortable as well.

There are times when you start a new life among new people when you find that people in the new family are a total opposite of you. Don't feel disheartened and try to stay as calm and compromising as possible. Remember clapping needs two hands and for things to go well cooperation from both ends is a must. Never let yourself be he one who is not adjusting and try to avoid things that can worsen the situation like, if your sister-in-law has taken your handbag without your permission which you didn't liked, let it be and stay as graceful as possible. Think of acceptance and consider your new family as your own part. This will give you the courage to accept each and every member of the new family and thus will help you adjust well.

Always keep in mind that adjusting in a new family is like starting a new life and you have to understand each member of the new family in order to build a good and long lasting relationship with them. After all, from now on this is your family and you have to stay with them for the rest of your life. Therefore, take acceptance, commitment and compromise as the tools and adjust and accept the situation to live happily!

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