There are many people who are interested in writing, but they are not able to take the first step because it is the most difficult part. Once the first step or the first article or a story has been published, then it becomes easier for the person to publish more and more stories. This article lists the various steps in the writing of the first article or story.

Step 1: Decide on topic:

The very first activity that has to be done by the writer is to decide on the topic that needs to be written. This is very important because once the topic is decided; it helps the person to be able to be focused on the subject. There are hundreds if not thousands of topics from which a person can choose to write. So make a decision based on the interest so that it will be easy to write.

Step 2: Make an outline:

Once you have decided to write on a particular topic, the next step is to make an outline of the topic. This is another important step because an outline is the first step that is made by the author. An outline covers all the various important aspects that have to be covered by the writer. This also serves ass a reminder for the writer. There are many times when writers can forget their thoughts. The outline that has been made by the writer helps to stimulate the mind of the writer.

Step 3: Expand the outline:

This is another important aspect of writing a story or a article. The reason for this is that this is the phase where the individual writer starts writing. Though the expansion of the outline can be difficult at times, the writer should make sure that this is done in a sequential manner and it forms the basis of the write up.

Step 4: Revise the writing:

Once the writer has completed the writing, the next phase starts and this is the phase where the document .that has been written is checked. The person checks the various pages that have been typed and revision is done to make sure that there are no mistakes in the writing. This is also called as self editing. As you type, there can be various simple mistakes that include grammar mistakes and also spelling mistakes. As you revise, you will be able to remove all these mistakes from your writing. This increases the chances of your writing getting accepted for publication.

Step 5: Publishing the writing:

This is the final step that you have to do as a writer. If you write and do not get it published, then there is no use in the writing. There are various places where you can publish. This can be on online journals, e books or even other books off line. This will make you more popular and will be the reward for your writing other than the monetary reward.

These are the various steps involved in writing.

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