At least all kids become cranky at one point or the other with some being crankier than others. There is nothing worse than a kid who wants what he wants at the time he wants it... in the middle of a banking hall or in the mall. This can be embarrassing to the parent, especially if you have other mellow kids. At the age of two, cranky kids may be a pain in the neck but you can still manage their crankiness with love by following some of these tips.

First, always be the grown up... you are the grown up and the parent in this case so do not even give attention to the tantrums. You are the child's figure of authority and if you face his tantrums with anger, he will retaliate. Always make sure the child learns that your word is final. It is as this age that the child learns to respect people in authority, most of all you so always be calm and in control. Let them cry their tantrums out until they understand that this is not going to have an effect on you.

Second, do not change your reaction to tantrums. Never ever change your reaction to the tantrums so that the child knows that there is nothing to expect from them. Always let the child know that shouting and screaming will never get him anywhere. Meeting your child's tantrums with calmness and control all the time will communicate to the child that he cannot always get what he wants. Mothers have always been the culprits at letting their children off discipline for fear of tantrums. This only says to the child that if he throws enough tantrums he can get your attention and get away with it. Giving in is one of the breeding habits for indiscipline in the home and if you cannot deal with it when the child is a toddler, you will never handle it when the child is grown. Keep the child within a schedule so that he is not throwing tantrums for something he knows should come at some other time.

Third, never ever give into the tantrums as this will only spoil the child. Give the child what he wants when he wants it and he is going to throw tantrums for the rest of his life. We all know that we cannot get what we want and this is a valuable lesson we need to teach the children in our lives. Teach the child by showing him that his tantrums will never get him what he wants. After the tantrums, talk to the child calmly and tell him that if he wants anything he has to ask for it politely and not to make tantrums even if he does not get what he wants.

Never think that by allowing the child the thing he is asking for at the moment you will do him any good because at the time when you can't fulfill his needs and he cries in the mid of a mall or a bank you will be the one who has to deal with all the embarrassment. It is not possible to let the child learn not to cry for a thing when you yourself fulfill his desires when he shouts. You can't expect child to stay calm when you yourself fulfills his needs when he cries and shouts. So help him learn this before it could get worse and brings you the entire hack.

Parenting is a lifetime skill; always remember to instill discipline with your children by showing them who is the boss. Giving in to your child's tantrums will spoil him but do not always be the tough-speaking boss, make sure to integrate some fun in your lives so that they do not grow up fearing you. Always keep a balance and let him learn this fact calmly that we all at some stages of lives can't get things we desire for even if we shout and cry. However, always make sure you are as polite as possible and never lose control because shouting on the child will only let him learn shouting, so never do this even if you are tired!

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