It is important that you understand your man's way of thinking. It is inherent for a woman to understand everything that concerns herself or her partner. This is normal. Men and women feel the same kind of emotions but it is how they portray those emotions that make them different. Here is how you can understand your man's way of thinking.

When it comes to women, a guy can either think of only two things - how he can be with this woman or how he can take her to his bed. That is reality. Men think of sex every now and then and when he does, his mind will completely be shut off. You can keep that away from him by showing him that you want to have a serious relationship aside from sex. Sex is integral to a relationship but not at its initial stages.

Men do have soft spots for cute puppies and the likes. This is why they tend to keep everything to themselves most of the time. If men think of puppies as cute and talk about it, they might end up called as gay. Although there is nothing wrong about that, but a man's machismo also known as ego is damaged. Some men go weak when they find a woman who is an avid sports fan or someone who plays a sport really well.

Men are considered as the logical one while women are the impulsive ones. Men think logically for a long period of time about falling in love or pursuing a relationship meanwhile, for women, it will only take them the tingles and the goose bumps to know that she is in love. Deciphering how your man thinks is easy to do as long as you give it time to think about it.

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