Marriage is known as a divine act in every religion. Beside the religious aspect, is also has a huge impact and reception in the society. The marriage ceremony is an event of celebration and one of the most joyous occasions for the members of the families. The marriage ritual is actually determined by the religion and follows the rational rules. Different religions have different views on the marriage ceremony and they are different from each other.

Do talking to each other

In an Islamic marriage, it is forbidden for the bride and the groom to talk to each other before the marriage takes place. The parents and the family are the major decision makers in the wedding. The soon to be couple usually have nothing to say about the choices; especially the bride has nothing to say about the choice of her husband. According to the tradition, the parents of the groom go to the house of the bride and ask her parents to take the girl as their daughter in law. If the parents of the girl agree, they make an understanding about the next step.

The engagement

After that they have the engagement, if they want to delay the marriage ceremony. The engagement is done in the presence of the parents and the relatives. They also fix the date of marriage and the reception ceremony. In the Muslim culture, there is a part where the bride is covered by turmeric all over the face and hand. In some countries, this is also done for the groom. It is a traditional idea to make the skin glow.

Kabul : I do

The main marriage ceremony starts few days later. This is actually the place where the bride takes the groom as her life partner and the groom takes the bride as his life partner. In the Islamic tradition, it is done by the head of the Muslim community (imam); just like a Christian marriage, presented by the father of a church. Instead of saying "I do", the Muslim couples have to say "Kobul", which is an Arabic word that means the same. Unlike the Christian rituals, the groom and the bride do not say that word while sitting together. They are usually kept separated and the imam goes to each one of them individually along with the parents of both sides and asks them for their acceptance. This is actually the end of Muslim marriage system, but according to law, the bride and the groom signs the papers to get the marriage certificate. The imam usually takes the signatures and later gives it to the couple.


In this final day of marriage, there is usually a reception party where all the relatives and friends of both families come together and have a feast. This party is arranged by the family of the bride. In traditional method there is another similar ceremony within the next couple of days, which is presented from the family of the groom. With this party, the total marriage ceremony ends and the couple started their new life.

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