To increase the confidence level of your children, there is no one as perfect as you are. Of course, the teacher of the children has a very important role in this, but you are the most suitable person who can do the best work. Also, the teacher is not with the children all the time, but you are.

First of all, your children trust you the most in the world. They seek comfort and security from you and you are the first person they go for any trouble. As children, most of them are confused about their surroundings and they have a lot of questions in their mind. They feel curious about everything and want to know about everything. So you are the person who can talk your child about all the confusions and answer all the questions.

The biggest mistake that most parents do is telling lies to the children if they feel uncomfortable to talk about something. This is a very wrong approach and many psychologists have said the same thing. As they are going to be adults someday and face the reality, they should be better prepared from the early age and you should not lie to them about anything. If they find something that is normal in life, but when they are young, if you tell it to be wrong, there is a good chance that their confidence level will be shaken. And they will lose trust in you.

Another problem with the parents is they do not care about the psychology of the children. According to the scientists, the personality of any human being is developed within the first few years of his life. So what he learns and how he sees the world is the major determinant of his future personality. If you cannot give him proper support in those years, he will have major weakness in his personality.

To increase the confidence in your children, you need to comfort him or her whenever they face a problem with their life. The problem can be anything; from a physical discomfort or a fight with a friend. What you need to do is to listen very carefully what he says and then tell him your advice after his speech. You must never scold your children, no matter who big his fault is. If you ever yell at your child, he will never gain enough confidence to tell you the truth, and if you continue doing it he will lose all of his confidence; even when he is with his friend. Try to talk in a calm manner and tell the mistake done by your child.

If you find your child has done something very bad, you need to explain him in very soft voice why it was a bad thing to do and why he should never do it again. Nothing works as good as the soft voice of the parents on the psychology of the child. On the other hand, yelling at them is good enough to make them cowards for the rest of their life.

Another great thing is sharing. It is a better idea if you can share your life and decisions with your children. Suppose you are going to do something new, or you are thinking about going on a trip with your family; discuss with your children about them and better, encourage them to participate and share their opinions. This will help a lot to increase their confidence level.

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