Companies that keep on producing new, innovatory and improved goods and services make a wide differentiation between new and existing products. This argument does not mean that they give more preference to the new products as the existing ones. Although the impression of the argument may be like that but this definitely is not the case. The existing products incurs no research and development expenditure, are not required to heavily advertised, not necessarily need innovative advertisement ideas for promotion. On the other hand the new products or services require all of these. The research and development expenditure for any product is very high. There is also an additional risk that in case such research does not come up with the result that are intended, all the costs that have been incurred so far will be lost. This cost includes some that can be considered as sunk or lost cost. There might be other costs that can be recovered to some extent. Like in case of purchase of specialized property and plant for the purpose of doing research, some cost can be recovered by disposing or selling out these items in the market. Other costs which include the salaries and wages of experts and scientists cannot be recovered at all. There are only some rare cases in which such costs show some chances of recovery. For example if the failure of the research work is due to a mistake or blunder on the part of an employee who was hired for the purpose of conducting the research, then some companies opt to take the employee to court and get the amount recovered. However the complications arise in the form of slow proceedings of the courts. Further, it portrays a bad image to the market and reflects that the company does not value its employees. That way the company may be losing out the chance of employing good, valuable and talented personnel.

The new products that are in the pipeline or even ready to be marketed needs some pre requisites before the same is done. The first and the foremost thing that should be done are to get the new product branded. In Dubai is simple, you just need to comply with certain formalities and after paying some thin amount in respect of registration fee, you are done. This simple method has urged and convinced a lot of people in the industry to get their valuable products registered before they are marketed and this even apply equally to those companies who have products that are unregistered and not patented. Branding is not only important for new products but is still important for old. For example an Australia based Branding Agency "Cato Purnell Partners" has been appointed to tackle identity conundrum of South Australia. South Australia's brand image was called into question in May by state Premier Jay Weatherill, who said that outsiders tend to puzzle South Australia with South Africa and think its capital is Melbourne.

If one sees the list of advertising agency in Dubai, he or she will be surprised to find not a single well known and reputable company that has its goods and services branded. A brand also offers several other advantages. It portrays the image of the company. Those companies who have some of their brands in good reputation use them in order to gain good grounds for the coming products. The brand also acts as a way to communicate with your customers as they readily identify the products.

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