It often happens that people realize missing few items after a move. It is very general that they come to know after a gap when they need an item and unable to get it. It then clicks that they must have lost in the course of relocation.

Do not let this happen to you. For this you must know the items that are exactly moving with you. It means you should prepare a packing list. If you make a list you can match items at the final destination and ensure all your belongings are with you.
But making a packing list for this purpose is not as easy as it sounds. You need to know some basics and tricks to make a proper packing list. Packing list is not only about writing down what you are carrying, it is also an estimate of the price of items to be asked from the insurance company in case of damage or loss. Following are the guidelines to make a perfect packing list:

Make a record of your belongings. You can use a notebook to note down the records like name of item, its price, date of purchasing, etc. You can use a digital camera or still camera to make record quickly and easily. If you choose a camera method, create audio diary carrying useful information. In this you have to take the photographs of the items, date of purchase and its money value. In this way you can easily claim the insurance company about the damage or loss. The insurer will also find it easy to compensate the price seeing the condition of the goods.

If you are using a video camera, take complete record of each and every item. Ask somebody to hold the item and record them. Also take the recording of drawers and almirah.
If you do not have these modern equipments to take the record or you find them inconvenient, use a notebook to create written record. For this you should collect the bills of the item in support of the price of the item and its date of purchasing. You may use word file or notebook of your personal computer for the same.

After you complete these processes, make a copy of list, video tape and audio cassette and get the digital photos. Keep the original copy with you and one duplicate copy with any person on whom you can trust. This is because you can get it even when you loose them. Also give one copy to your moving agency.

At last ask the moving agency to match the transported items. If any item is missing, make a claim and get the price.

These are the precautions you must take to take care of your valuable goods. However, it is worth informing that most of the Packers Movers Bangalore are responsible and transfer the clients' items safely and securely. The chances of damage and loss are minimal with them. Relocation Services in Bangalore is good and help relocate safely with entire household products and you may consider one of the Bangalore Packers Movers for your relocation need. .

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