If you want to travel to Tennessee, here are some places that you can go. If you want entertainment, there are a couple of places that you can go. There are a couple of places like Dixie Stampede or Wonderworks or even Dollywood.

If you go to Dixie Stampede you can sit down and watch a nice show and eat a nice dinner all in one. If you go to Wonderworks (which is an upside down building, not everything is upside down though) you can walk around and do some fun things. Even like finding the purple grain of rice in the other 999,999 pieces of white grains of rice. There is even more to do like the earthquake simulation machine. Or you can climb the rock walls and much more. Lets say you wanted to go to Dollywood. At Dollywood you can ride a bunch of fun rides, like Thunderhead which is a wooden rollercoaster. Or you can go on Mystery Mine which has 3 or 4 loops and some upside down flips. Or you can enjoy a fast fun ride, the Tennessee Tornado. It travels at 100 miles per hour with 3 large loops and it's extremely fun. (If you have heart conditions or back or neck problems this ride is not for you.)

And also you can enjoy all the fun climbing and rope fun at the Adventure Mountain. And also you can eat and enjoy fun shows like watching some people blow glass or even making metal. And you can also take a fun ride on the train through the Great Smoky Mountains on Tennessee's oldest train, the Dollywood Express. Or you can take fun rides through the Great Smoky Mountains riding in dune buggies (covered or not covered.) Or you can take a helicopter ride over the smoky mountains. There are a couple of rides that you can take over the Douglas Dam River, or over Pigeon River, or even take a ride over Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. Also you can go to arcades in Pigeon Forge, or walk down the strip and play fun things like laser tag and others. You can go and watch people make hats or even boots. You can have your shoes shined and your hats fixed. You can also have custom made hats and boots made (to fit you or someone you know.) You can also take horse back rides through the smoky or hike the trails in the smokies. You can go and see all the historic houses of famous people like Daniel Boon in the Great Smokey Mountains Cades Cove. Thank you for reading my article, hope you come visit us in the Great Smokey Mountains.

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