Anywhere and at any time of year: heat, cold, rain or wind, you can find a real surfer paddling out to sea. Much has been studied, but surfers know the secret and the anatomy of waves better than anyone. They can anticipate and take advantage of even the smallest change in wind or climate. But, how, when and especially where?

By looking at the materials and aesthetics, one tends to think that surfing is a new sport, one more extreme sport that guarantees adrenaline unfit to sensitive hearts, and instead, few know that surf has existed for more than 500 years (originating in Polynesia) and that the legendary James Cook claimed to discover it centuries later. American soldiers and tourism did the rest: a lifestyle which boasts of millions of people from all nationalities and cultures. There are all sorts of websites and magazines now to find out the "wave forecast" in advance to go on the hunt for the perfect surfing trip.

The whole philosophy of life around the sport includes environmentalists and free thinkers, in direct contact with nature. Amongst them, projects like "Surfers Healing" - a foundation born in California, uses surfing as an alternative therapy to help children with autism. Teaching these kids to navigate and catch the waves, the impact of the sea has had impressive results.

Unlike windsurfing or kite, surfing focuses on the waves versus the wind which in some cases makes surfing difficult even. Therefore, the type of waves present in each beach is the most important factor. There are waves which swell up high or over a long period of time based on the wind, and depending where the waves originate, surfers look closely at the time and place where the waves break as they reach the coastline.

HostelsClub cannot navigate through all the details on surfing or surf boards, but something we can help with is the price of surfing accommodations! The materials are certainly not cheap: the board takes the cake, but the suit and accessories don't come cheap either. So we figured we'd give you a break and offer several options on hostels around the world with a closer look at the facilities, accessibility to the beach, quality ratings and the map locations to show the exact distance from the coast.

So all you need now is to get your board, check the forecast and HostelsClub will take care of the rest!

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