Hero Honda was incorporated in 1984 as a result of a joint collaboration between Hero group from India and Honda from Japan. Hero Honda is a recognized name in two wheeler manufacturing industry and is liked by a great number of people. It will not be wrong to say that Hero Honda acts as a market leader and is a revolutionary bike in this industry when it was introduced. Hero Honda CBZ was launched in 1999 was the first sports oriented, four stroke bikes. Hero Honda CBZ when launched, attained a great amount of attraction from the people due to its catchy, stylish looks and attractive technical features. It earned great desire by the younger generation due to its design, features and catchy look.
The role of the brand name in sales

Brand name CBZ itself earns great importance and makes it more influential than other motorbikes. The fresh design of CBZ introduced, is very much different from the previous Hero Honda bikes. The current model consists of headlights that are different than the old ones. Another feature which catches the attention of the customer is the indicator lights present at the back and in front. When both the indicators are on, in combination, it really grabs the attention due to the amazingly striking look.

Technical Features of the bike

Its technical features include a 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine and Keihin slide type with accelerator pump carburetor. It has an original Honda156.88cc engine and is very famous for its acceleration and unrefined power. It has about12.8 bhp@8000 rpm and Torque at 12.7Nm @6500 rpm. Hero Honda CBZ moves at a Maximum speed of about 113 km/h with fuel tank filled with 12.5 ltr. It is a fuel efficient bike due its power fuel control system and with effective braking system where the front disc is 240mm disc and rear drum is 130mm. The silencer of this byke is also quite new and enhanced. Its seat is also designed in a way that helps the rider to have a comfortable, safe and sound ride.
Other features

Another feature enhancing its importance is the presence of an efficient air injection system that retains the environmental standards by introducing fresh air within the drain port. Many of the people feel that Honda CBZ is inspired from CBR, an International brand and that's the reason why it is liked so much by the buyers. Its maintenance cost is also low when compared to other competitor bikes and therefore people prefer to buy it.

Various factors like its mileage, design and technical features are what make it so famous among its buyers. Due to its durable features it retained its place at the top for a few years and then due to adverse competition around, the company has now changed it and has introduced in it and a newer model with the name Honda CBZ Xtreme. Still, Honda needs to introduce more innovative features to beat and survive the competition which is fierce now. It requires a lot of attention to sustain its competitive advantage. The younger generation can be targeted to keep the market share up. Now-a-days youngsters are fond of bikes and Honda CBZ could be the one of the favorite bikes for these youngsters.


The price of the bike ranges from 60,000 to 65,000 depending on the local taxes.

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