Everybody wants to make their home to look most beautiful, of course that's where they spend most of their time and obviously would like to see it beautiful, and so we end up buying lots of stuff to decorate our house and when we do that we just think what looks good in the shop and not whether it would look good in my room, and finally when he reach home we find a nice spot to place it, be it a furniture or a small vase, and we even try to utilize the gifts we get on our birthdays or anniversary, and make our house look like a museum of most mismatching items, So let me help and give you ideas of how to decorate a house.

First pick a base color common for all your rooms, coz you should not feel like entering a different house while entering the other room, so pick one color that would be a link between all the rooms in the house, be it white or blue or black, or pink, any color of your choice, and when you design your room make sure you do not make your room look like a rainbow so choose just 2 to 4 colors and not more than that. And then pick the color of the wall that should from the colors you chose already, and if you have large rooms then you can opt for darks colors too, and if the rooms are small then go for light colors, and when I say dark color that doesn't mean black, that can be dark blue or maroon and sea green, don't be afraid, These colors would look amazing with proper lighting, and try these colors in a room with huge windows, and light color would make your room appear large, you will really be surprised, and try experimenting with your house, Since it's your house, don't go for the same dull boring plain wall, go for designs, prints and can even use wall papers, not the one on your desktop, am talking about our good old paper wall paper that were used before the inventions of computers, but make sure small prints for small rooms and large and big prints for a large rooms.

You can even design your house as per theme, not the usual antique or modern theme, but go for seasons, like summer, spring, rainy... pyramid themes, deserts themes, and many more don't try and get everything from my mouth try something you like and when you pick season color will get added automatically to it, like yellow , green and blue, along with it get nice frames and other decorative items with the same theme, for summer, yellow color carpers can be used with some cool beach prints, what is better than beach in summer than anything else, add a blue for sky in it, add some beautiful sea shells for decorations (try looking for large size and no the one you really collected in the beach, and if you have many small one use imagination and paste them on a chart and create a nice kolage and frame it) and palm trees would work as well, and don't be afraid of using cushions on the sofa, try using 2 different color on different cushions, not same as sofa's color but matching with your theme, so don't worry if your couch is not related to your theme however cushions will make up for it, and in other room try a different theme, not the same one
And always go to shopping when you have decided what is you require, just pick items from your rooms color list, and one that matches your rooms theme, even if it is very simple items you make feels it s not so good but once you place it in right spot in the room it will give life to the room, and if you don't find anything or you don't have any theme, just go to a studio and get some beautiful pictures clicked and frame them in beautifully and place them on wall, don't be shy, it's your house any ways let everyone know who is brain behind the beautiful house. And for beds don't be shy of getting beautiful bed sheets but, as I earlier said keep the colors in mind, and finding bed sheets should not be difficult, we have a large variety available.

For bathrooms try using blues, and if you have kids, then try using some beautiful prints, you can use toads, or the whole life cycle of toads, small kids can learn from them, or beautiful fairies, or lilies, something beautiful that tells that it's a bathroom and kids will not be afraid of entering for a bath, and in kitchen try using some tile with vegetable prints or vegetable shape magnets, that can be used to teach toddlers about their food as well. wow decoration plus education what could be better than that, and if your kids have a separate room for them, ask for their suggestion as well what would they like, keep in mind that's its their room and so its all about their likes and not yours, and design the house as per that minus sharp objects. And for lights you must try getting different colored lights for the night, and not the same red or blue and I hope you remember how we attach stars on bulbs during christmas, same way try using some funky shaped lanterns and give your house that extra edgy look.. And avoid crowding your room with too many decorative items as well, and try using closed door cupboard for all those extra items you have that make your house not so attractive. that's all from my end these are just basics rest is up to you how you use colors and never be afraid of experimenting with colors, coz you will paint on it again during diwali or Christmas, or some day or the other, so it's not a permanent mark, so happy painting, and happy decorating... and enjoy your day in your home.

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