Its only six years since the famous revolution in Ukraine, but in between the nation has been able to stand again and organize the whole country; making it safer for the tourists who are interested in this Central European country. As one of the post Russian country, Ukraine has numerous sign of its previous ruler.

The influence of Russian orthodox architectural structure is widely seen in the country and in most of the major and old buildings, you will see this style. However, it has given an extra dimension to the creations. In addition to that, the nation is also influenced by the Turkish style and a mixture of both is frequently found in every important city in the country. So in Ukraine, you can see some excellent and different architectural conceptions.

Another great thing of Ukraine is their cultural history. Ukraine has a name for world class dance and musical performance. The Ukrainian dance has reached out of the boundary of the country and gained worldwide acceptation. If you have a vast interested in dance and performing art, you may have already seen their dancing rituals; but watching it in the home ground is totally different experience and will give different feeling.

Although, it is not widely accepted yet, the Ukrainian films have a special place among the movie fan. They are respected for their different approach to the movie making and composition. If you are a big fan of foreign films, the Ukraine tour can be very memorable for you.


Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. This city represents art, culture, history and administration of the whole country. If you are touring from outside Europe, this will probably be your entering point. And it is for sure that, you will have a good first impression in the city which will perhaps continue till the end of your journey.

The city has been over 1500 years old and has seen some of the major political events during the Soviet Russian time. Because of its close connation with the Russian culture, the city is mostly made in the Russian format. Although this is still behind from maximum European capitals, it is developing very fast and you will still find many things to enjoy.


Lviv is the number one place in Ukraine for architectural collections; but surprisingly, it has the lowest connection with the Russian style in the whole country. Instead of Russia orthodox, the constructions in this city have deep influence of classic Gothic and Renaissance time; like many other cities in Europe. Recently, it has been nominated as a member in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Lviv does not have many facilities for the tourists; but you can have a good time watching the historic places in the city. Besides, it's a good escapement from the crowded life.


Bakhchysaray is known for its history of the Tatar kingdom. It was the capital of the Tatar kings for about three hundred years; until it was taken over by the Russians.

Ukraine would be a place to explore a different lifestyle and to learn the customs of an ex Russian country.

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