Visiting the Mangrove Forests of Bengal can be a really exciting and memorable experience in your life. This is the only place in the world where you would find the Royal Bengal Tiger; however the chance to see one live is minimal and you have to be very lucky as well as going to the deep of the forest. In addition to this gorgeous tiger, you will be able to see numerous other wild animals in both land and water. The final attraction is the forest itself which is one of the most important and famous mangrove forest in the whole world.

The disappointing fact is for the last few decades, the size of the mangrove forest has been decreased as the locals cut down the trees for practical purpose. Even so there are plenty to see and enjoy.

The Mangrove Forests of Bengal has been declared as a member of World Heritage program by the UNESCO.

Before You Go

Before you visit the Mangrove Forests of Bengal, make sure to inform the local government agency for safety reason and do not go to the deep of the forest without an experienced guide. Also do not forget to take necessary preclusions and water with you. As the Bay of Bengal is right beside the jungle, the water is salty here and not drinkable.

How to Go

For visiting the Mangrove Forests of Bengal, you have two options. Either you can start from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, or Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal in India. However, the largest part is in India, but the number of Royal Bengal tigers is more in Bangladesh. It is yours to choice and you cannot go from one country to another without special permit. The way to the location is by road from both places and as you come close to the forest, you have to take a ride in a boat to enter the forest area.

What you will see

Like all other forests in the world, the Mangrove Forests of Bengal has two things to offer: nature and animals. This jungle is known for the famous Sundari tree and different varieties of flora and fauna. In terms of ecological facts, the Mangrove Forests of Bengal is a major place in the area and has greater influence over the climate and environment of the southern part of both countries.

The Mangrove Forests of Bengal has a very rich wildlife and beside the tigers, there are wild boar, jungle cat, flying fox, chital, fox etc. available in the woods. In the mini canals, which are spread throughout the jungle, there are several deadly animals including different reptile species and crocodile are frequently found.

Few tips

For your visit in Mangrove Forests of Bengal, your best choice would be an organized tour by any professional agency with an experienced guide. This way, you can cover the most places as well as get a chance to see the magnificent view of the Bay of Bengal. Do not get off from your ride without the permission of your guide.

Don't wait up to prepare yourself for a thrilling tour in the Mangrove Forests of Bengal and keep it in the top of your list of touring destination.

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