The Atlantis empire may be a fabled lost island but hundreds of books and films have covered it. What it is and where it was remains to be mysteries. This is a firm statement May a person be an amateur sleuth or a professional researcher, Atlantis will never cease to bewilder people just as it did after being mentioned in Timaeus and Critias, two essays by the Greek philosopher Plato in 360 BC. When it comes to this, a bookstore online has 438 titles. When it comes to full length features, Disney came up with Atlantis The Lost Empire.

Most scholars who believe Atlantis did exist in some form insist Plato couldn't have made everything up about that sacred island which then beheld the light of the sun, brought forth fair and wondrous and in infinite abundance. Why is it that the authenticity of Atlantis cannot be verified? When it comes to Atlantis, Plato died some years later without ever telling people how real it is.

Existing was Solon, a historian responsible for Plato quoting Atlantis. Plato bought the fable that was thought up by Solon, says a number of skeptics. Plato was highly intellectual but could not have been able to go into a much detailed description of Atlantis like the island having been built on a series of rings where the royal palace and cities are situated via dug out canals all around it altogether surrounded by statues and bath houses of some sort.

But it is still a lingering question of how long Atlantis really existed for it was an empire that could easily build nuclear bombs not to mention develop numerous flying machines however being destroyed by 9000 BC from the accounts of Plato. Another point of argument is with regard to where Atlantis is. A volcano destroyed its suspected location on the island of Thira in 1470 BC.

Another possible location for Atlantis would be off the coast of Spain around the Azores in the Atlantic. Looking for Atlantis has taken over the discoveries of underwater ruins. A number of European explorers relied on maps with Atlantis located in them for sailing the world.

Scientists developed wondrous flying machines from the skin of the elephants that were numerous there, and they explored the entire world. Another location for Atlantis was also off of the coast of Bimini in today's world. Not every life was claimed when the place was destroyed. Much of what these survivors lived through were shared with the rest of the world when they came to Egypt. Storing traces of Atlantis is a secret chamber inside the Great Sphinx.

When ice was present in Antarctica, it was 4000 BC. Nothing but underground explosions and seismic upheavals were experienced beforehand. Civilizations could be destroyed by the strength of these. There was an author who said that he did extensive research about Atlantis before he wrote about it and he discovered that it existed off of the Atlantic Ocean. The untimely demise came about after a nuclear explosion hit. Nowadays we have nuclear weapons and they did too in the past. Blowing themselves up during the civil war, a nuclear explosion devastated the entire Atlantis.

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