Healthy eating has become a huge topic for discussion in our world today. Health and nutrition experts have discovered the benefits of healthy eating and so are making everyone embrace it. Junk food is in so much abundance that, people think it is expensive to eat healthily. Unfortunately, the long term effects are much more expensive.

Fruits and vegetables are invaluable sources of vitamins and minerals. The vitamins are essential in building the body's immune system and helps fight infections of the body. They also help facilitate certain metabolic actions in the body. The minerals derived from fruits and vegetables ensure proper functioning of the various organs and systems of the body such as the co-ordinate system, the eye and the brain.

Vegetables and fruits help in the digestive process in the human body. The hard parts of fruits and vegetables are made up of fiber. The fiber retains a lot of water and so helps in easy excretion of waste from the body. The water retained in digested waste food makes it heavy and so difficult for its retention in the colon. It gets an easy passage through the anus due to its soft nature.

Fruits and vegetables are also very instrumental in body weight loss. Fruits and vegetables contain less calories as the hard fiber which is the most abundant portion of the fruits and vegetables are not useful to the body in terms of calories. A person trying to lose weight can therefore eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that can satisfy him well enough but he will derive only few calories from them.

Fruits and vegetables are economical to eat. Fruits and vegetables cost less compared to meets and dairy products. They are also easier to cook as most fruits can be eaten raw and vegetables cooked just a little to make them easier to eat. It is therefore easier for even the person with little cooking skills to cook fruits and vegetables. They put a lot of savings in your pocket too.

Fruits and vegetables help reduce menopausal problems. Menopause is a transition period for women and it comes with its own set of problems; depression, joint problems and general discomfort in the body due to reduction in the production of some hormones in the female body. Fruits and vegetables contain certain chemical substances that regulate the production of these hormones. Some of these chemicals also cause the body to adapt to the changes in the hormonal levels and so reduce the effects.

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of emotional strength. Emotional problems kill more people nowadays than physical ailments. Fruits and vegetables contain certain chemicals that are able to control the hormones responsible to emotions in the body.

With all these benefits available to you, I do not think you will exclude fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can make a fruit salad for a desert after meal instead of ice cream or eat your food with a bowl of salad instead of chicken.

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