Holidays are the most memorable days of our life. If we recall the childhood age we will surely have great memories of our weekend holidays. Everyone in world always tries to enjoy his or her holidays. If you have holidays and you want to enjoy with your friends or family then Moscow is one of the outstanding places for that. Well known airline companies Aeroflot and Air France operate approximately 7 to 8 flights daily. The distance of Moscow from London is 1,553 miles. If you start from London, then the flight from London to Moscow is seven hours duration.

There are also some cheap airline companies providing you the facility to travel and enjoy during your holidays. FlyNiki is one of the most affordable airline companies. Airline Company FlyNiki was founded by Niki Lauda. If you book early, there will be an extra bonus for you. Extra bonus is in the form of cheaper flight tickets. Airline Company FlyNiki provides you Quality services in your paid price. So there is no problem for you in travelling towards Moscow.

After reaching Moscow, there is a need for an affordable and facilitated hotel for the stay. There are a number of hotels available for you while staying in Moscow, you can choose any one according to your requirement and affordability. Some well known hotels in Moscow are Golden Ring Hotel, National Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Aerotel Domodedovo Hotel, Borodino Hotel, Cosmos Hotel, Sheremetyevo-2 Hotel, Izmailovo Alfa Hotel, Maxima Irbis Hotel and Maxima Slavia Hotel you can order your reservation in advance, online.

There are also a large number of attractive places; you should visit all these places. First, the most attractive place is "KREMLIN" which is one of the biggest museums of the world. Treasures of Russian tsars, invaluable icons, and State regalia of Russia are stored in cathedrals and Kremlin chambers. The most attractive and precious Tower of Kermlin is Spasskaya Tower. It was constructed in 1491 by an architect Pietro Antonio Solari.

Bolshio theatre is also one of the more attractive places in Moscow. Bolshio theatre is situated on two territories, which are separated from each other by a number of city districts. Bolshio theatre represents the complete history of Russian art from the ancient times. Some other well known and more attractive places for the tourist during their visit are Red Square, Poklonnaja Mountain, St. Basil's Cathedral, The Cathedral of Christ the Savoir, Novodevichy Convent, Mausoleum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Panorama "Borodino Battle" and Kuskovo Estate. If you are going to visit these places during your holidays then don't miss these places in Moscow.

There are also a number of malls available in Moscow for the purpose of shopping. You can purchase quality products at affordable prices for your friends and family. Some well known gift shops in Moscow are Interoptika, Russian Presents, Semenov painting and shopping store. These stores provide you the more precious gifts for your friends and family at an affordable price. All these are sure to make you have a fun filled holiday in Moscow, so plan your trip to have all these as part of your tour plan!

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