Rome is the definitive tourist destination in Europe. It is the perfect place to spend a vacation from any aspect. If you need to send some quite time by yourself, Rome is the city for you. If you want to spend a perfect holiday with your loved one, Rome would be the best selection. If you need to learn the history of Europe and the history of art can culture of the world, you have to come Rome. Even if you want to spend your whole vacation with total dedication to your religion, Rome is the only option for you.

The Vatican

Within Rome, the head of the Christian society lives. The Vatican City stands as the icon of all the Christians in the whole world. And it would be a great thing if you spend a precious holiday in the Vatican; closer to Pope.

The Vatican is not a hot tourist spot because of its religious importance only. It has some of the best and most enriched museums and art collections in the world. And in the religious collection, it is the best. Beside the collations in the museums and galleries, the city is full with artistic creations from some of the all time best artists including Leonardo Da Vince and Michael Angelo. Both paintings and sculptures are spread throughout the city. Even the compound of the chapels and churches are designed with excellence. Wherever you go in Vatican, it's all about art and beauty. And it's not just ordinary art; it's the best in the world.


Although all the churches in Vatican City have exclusive art works, you must never miss the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica, and the Basilica of Saint Peter. Both the art works and sculptures are best. You will find there all the major works from all the major artists and designers including Leonardo, Raffaelo, Geografiche and Michael Angelo. Among the other museums, you must visit the the Pinacoteca, the Map Gallery, the Gregorian Museum of Pagan Antiquities, Pio Christian Museum, Missionary and Ethnological Museum etc.


Another great fact about the Vatican City is the collection of book. The library of the Vatican has a rare and very massive collection of books. But unfortunately they are not open for all. The library also contains some of the most history changing documents as well as scientific documents. But they are also out of reach for general people. However, you can still have access in other libraries and in general sections of the libraries to learn about the religion.

If you are not interested in Vatican, the city of Rome is also capable of fulfilling your thirst for religion. The city is full with numerous churches and chapels and like the Vatican, they are also designed by the world's best designers. Being the center of Renaissance, Rome has got so many gifts from the master artists; making it world's most enriched county with art. It is guaranteed that your religious tour in Rome will be much more than just that.

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