The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular tourist spot in America. This awesome place was floated up over six million years ago. It has more than one mile depth below the earth surface and spread over ten miles distance - making it a super wonder of the nature. Every year over one million visitors from America and different countries came to enjoy the beauty and speculate of the Grand Canyon.

South Rim

The Grand Canyon has two rims and each one of them is different from each other. The visitors frequently go to both of them; however, the South Rim is more popular than the North Rim. The distance between these two rims is more than two hundred miles and for that the environment and surroundings are not alike. To get the best experience, it is better if you visit both of the rims. However, it is not possible to do that on the same day and you will need several days to experience it completely. Because of the unique experience of each rim, you will never feel bored; instead, the excitement of touring world's number one canyon can give you a life time experience.

North Rim

The South Rim is comparatively easier than the North Rim. The park and view of the South Rim is world is very popular among the visitors. On the other hand, the North Rim is gentler and less crowded. This part of the Grand Canyon is about 8200 feet tall surpassing by about thousand feet of the 3200 feet height of the South Rim. Because of the height, it is cooler and if you decided to go there, it is better to take precaution by taking some warm clothes with you; especially if you want to spend the night there. The Grand Canyon is a very favorite place to the tourists to spend the night.

The wildlife of the North Rim is another matter of curiosity for the tourist. There are plenty of flowers there as well as some very tall trees. Some of the flowers are exceptional and do not grow somewhere else.

From the beginning, the Grand Canyon was not a famous tourist destination, but at the end of the 1800 and beginning of the 1900, the Grand Canyon became more and more popular.

Covering the Grand Canyon is only one day is not possible and if you are interested in exploring the whole Grand Canyon; it is highly recommended that you take a guide with you who has a previous experience of touring the whole canyon. Because of its difficult and vast wildlife, the Grand Canyon has a large number of different animals and deadly predators including different species of reptiles. You also need to take necessary safety measures prior to your visit.

There are some important points in the Grand Canyon that you should cover in your trip and that includes the Bright Angel Trail, El Tovar, Deer Creek, Lipan Point and the Widfross Trail.

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