Amsterdam is a great place to spend a vacation. In fact, it is one of the top demanded touring spot in Europe. The city is little different from many other cities in Europe; however, it does not miss the traditional European style. The city is designed with the combination of retro and contemporary design format and the technological excellence of the nation is all over the city.

Enjoy Amsterdam

Amsterdam has many things to offer to its visitors. You can test the thrilling excitement of the world's best sin city in Amsterdam. You can watch the paintings of the artists like Van Gogh and Rembrandt. You can see the splendid view of the city while lying on a canoe and riding through the canals which are scattered in all over the city.

The Dutch people like to enjoy the life. They like to keep their city colorful and so you will feel like an ever going festival in Amsterdam all the year around. The Holland Festival is one of the major national festivals of the country where people from all over the country participate as well as many outsiders. If you ever got a chance to participate in the festival during your stay in Amsterdam, don't miss it for anything.

What to Do in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, you have many things to do and you can easily divide them to do in different part of the day. You can start with eating a nice breakfast in your hotel café or a roadside restaurant. The Dutch food culture is as good as anywhere in Europe. Then make a plan on which museum you are going to visit today. Of course you should start with the Van Gogh Museum and the Museum Het Rembrandthuis. Even if you miss any another, these two are must. Amsterdam has a good collection of museums and it will take you a long time to cover all of them.

After speeding the day in the museum, you seat in a roadside cafe to drink a cup of coffee while listing the magnificent creation of Bach. The live performance of Amsterdam is world famous and the music loving people of the country appreciate and value the artists. You can also get these music performances in many restaurants. The performances include blues, music, jazz, contemporary, rock n roll and several other categories. So it is definite that you will have a good time there. After the night falls, you can go for a ride in the canals. This is a very exciting experience and has much similarity with the boat riding in Venice.

If you are in Amsterdam, you should not miss the world famous red-light district of the city. This will be a really unique experience for you as no other city holds this type of culture in the world.

Amsterdam is the only place where you will find the world's best tulips. The Netherlands is solely responsible for the maximum flower shipment around the world. If you can make some time, visit their world class flower industry.

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