Our nuclear family system has made sea-changes on the mindset of the people. Old people are disregarded by everyone. This process is completed when no help from an old man/woman can be expected, either financially or in the form of domestic services like cooking, washing, looking after grandsons and so forth.

Pertinacity is the common character found in childhood as well as old age. The old becomes more childish than a baby born yesterday. This is just for drawing our attention. They need a special care with love.

We are deeply indebted to our parents. They had been the daily observers of our growth, physically and mentally. Now they are weak and helpless. We must fulfill their limited wants at any cost.

Today all are leading a sophisticated life and no time left for looking after their old parents. The selfish thought that the old are of no avail and make an obstruction on the ostentatious life presses for them to hand over their old parents to old age homes. The main distinction between orphanage and old age home is that the former is both demand-and supply-sided whereas the latter is only demand-sided. Unfortunately there is no supervising mechanism to oversee the modus operandi of such social service institutions. They are more of financial institutions and investment of funds in the name of old parents are not used properly.

It is up to the parents to set an example to their children by taking care of their old parents. Otherwise the next turn would be yours to be a full-time member in an old age home.

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