We can never forget many first happenings in our life and such is the first job. Five years back when I first joined the corporate world with 300 other people the first friend I made from my batch was Shyamala. A homely, South Indian girl is what all i had thought when i knew more about her in our induction training as an easy going, lovable and a girl who stands to help others and most of all patience which i had seen many girls are lack of nowadays.

It was ever green days that we made friends each other and we were 10 lucky fellows to get in the same office. And one fine day it was revelead that shyamala had a lover from her hometown and worked in another corporate in our current city too. We all had teased her a lot to see the blush in her face and her enthusiasm to talk about her boyfriend and we all wished soon we will be witnessing a lovable marriage. As expected when she broke the news in her family her parents used all attempts in their power to make her forget him and in the last they gave in to her decision reluctantly.
When this was all going Shyamala made the error of her life is what i think now. She left her job to be with her parents and make them feel easy and wanted to search a government job so she could cope up comfortable in marriage life, so she returned to her hometown.

We all lost contact with her after that point, it was nearly 3 years ago and i met my friend recently and if i say i was 'extremely shocked' that was not least of how i felt.
I saw someone like her but not the bright, cheerful Shyamala, her friend who accompanied her told me the after math of her life in her hometown.

Once she had gone to her home, her parents had again started to show their opposition against her boyfriend and she in turn had urged him to marry her soon and started fighting with him.
His family situation had wanted him to postpone the marriage and what i was shocked to know was that they both have been living together before she left for her hometown.

In the end her boyfriend broke up with her and she had been miserable and depressed and attempted suicide.

Suicide is relief or not, she dint have the choice to end her life at that point and was saved.
Her parents came to know the reason and they were happy to know about the boyfriend's decision but it dint last long as shyamala showed no interest in marrying others and started ignoring herself.
Now the parents had no choice other than to return to their daughter's lover and ask him to marry their daughter. But his persistence dint change and he dint want to put himself into unhappy state.
In the end the depression got more severe and she was turning more or less to the point of getting into a mental hospital that one of my friend intervened and admitted shyamala in a hospital.
Her parents were worried of family's prestige and fear that no one will marry her knowing her illness.

In the end they washed their hands of her.
The level of her illness had attacked her physically and mentally.
Today i see the girl who once was like loving bird with flying colors and cheers who thought her lover was the soul of her life and day-dreamed of living with him has turned today into a girl who seems to have forgotten her past and living in an imagination world of her own today.
Is this the fate of loving truly a person?

She had lost her job, her health, her parents and relations today and i felt sorry that how much shocked she must have got that she had forgotten herself today.
Today she lives in the care of one of her friends, but how many days that might last is a big question?

Last but not least my friend still believes that her lover will return back to take her as his wife.
Will he have the heart to come even after knowing her situation?
I try to believe 'true love will not be lost' even after all this for her sake.

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