Ugly Betty is an American sitcom. It is developed by Silvio Horta. It was broadcasted from September 28, 2006 to April 14, 2010 on ABC channel. The series centers upon the lead character Betty Suarez. The series has derived its foundation from Fernando Gaitán's Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea. It is the production of Salma Hayek, Silvio Horta, Ben Silverman, Jose Tamez and Joel Fields in association with the production houses Silent H, Ventanarosa, Reveille Productions, goes sponsored by ABC Studios. The series has been shot in New York, the first two episodes in Los Angeles and the last two in New York City.

During the start till the end of second season, it invited a lot of viewership and there was a significant fall in the audience in third season, especially between the ages of 18-49. The telecasting of the show was shifted from Thursday nights to Friday nights but again found troubles in fetching viewers. Later it was moved to Wednesdays but did not get much success. At last the show was cancelled because of low ratings. After the end of the series, it was pushed to make a film on Ugly Betty. Betty Suarez is a twenty two year girl who belongs to Queens in New York. She has a very poor sense of fashion and dressing. But she is very bold, a kind hearted girl. She is forced to enter into the world of fashion when she steps into a job at Mode. It is a trendy and latest fashion magazine in Manhattan. It is published by the rich company of Bradford Meade. His son, Daniel is the Editor-in-chief of the company.

He is held responsible for the designation after the death of his dad's mistress named Fey Sommers. Daniel is very womanizing in his ways and often sleeps with his women assistants. To halt his habit from being escalated, he appoints the protagonist as his personal assistant as she is not very sharp in the latest fashions and trends. But later, both boss and assistant become good friends as against the expectations of Bradford. They assist each other in their personal and work life. Many dilemmas are encountered by both Betty and Daniel in the organization. Creative Director Wilhelmina Slater wants to bring the reign of Bradfords on the closing stages by stealing the job of Daniel. Meanwhile, his loyal assistant and the receptionist at Mode Amanda Sommers continue to insult and embarrass Betty for her unusual ways, lusterless outlook and lack of initial sense of fashion.

Since everyone in the office is not against her, she is able to make out some good friends. She is also supported by her family. Thus, one can imagine how well the show holds a viewer's interest intact. With so much happening in the lives of these characters one can hardly miss the drama, mystery and light punches of comedy. For continued entertainment fans can now watch ugly betty online for free which not a tedious task is now, thanks to high speed internet and reliable websites. Fans can now enjoy ugly betty episodes online for free without downloading any extra software.

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