Univers Virtuels: Guild Wars were filled with significant innovations in the gameplay. We already know that GW2 will show some of them, such as fast teleportation between duty and opportunity to show your goal with your group. What about the others, such as the ability to draw a strategy on the minimap, or the fact that the players could draw vnutreigrovoy text from your language to English, at any time, just by pressing CTRL? Whether by these features in GW2, and you came up with what's new?

Eric: Although we have not discussed various elements specific to the client Guild Wars 2, but we can confirm that the players can draw and click on the map, just as they did in Guild Wars. Only group members will be able to see it. We definitely realize the ability to quickly switch languages, but details have not yet been resolved.

UV: How long to play for the characters of different races before they can play together? Should friends who want together to enjoy the game, choose the same race?

Eric: After completing a short training scenario, players can join their friends through the gates of asura, to move into any of the racial capitals. Thus anyone can easily and comfortably together and play with their friends, regardless of their race.

Chain skills

UV: Every profession will have their own chain skills? If so, can you give us an example of a chain Elementalist (Elementalist)?

Eric: Not every profession is a special chain of skills, such as a warrior. In elementalist, for example, currently there are no chains skills.

Weapons from the environment

UV: Guns of the environmental sounds incredible. You have announced that the game mechanics in some occupations has been built based on this type of weapon. How do you balance the time of the appearance of weapons from the environment - given the fact that some jobs can create something out of this weapon - so that any player in the field had a chance to pick something up, but not too easy, because we do not yet know whether in general it is used?

Eric: Guns of the environment temporarily adds new cool skills of the player. As the name implies, they are based on the environment, so we carefully looks around and ask ourselves "Can a branch fall from the tree so that the player would be able to take advantage of this? And how about a piece of rock in this unusual place? ". It is interesting that the player can do with it, and what it will bring interest to the game at this point his adventure. Given that much of this type of weapon is fragile, the player will quickly return to using their primary weapon.

UV: Can I use these weapons from the environment many times? If I throw a stone at the enemy, I can run up and raise it to subsequently use it again?

Eric: No. You may not use such weapons on several occasions. Being "used" once it is destroyed. Here the parallel with reality: cast stone may break and will be of little use for reuse.

UV: Can the monsters use their weapons from the environment? Or even use the same thing as the players, if raise it before we did?

Eric: Yes, in some cases they may be. For example, jotun can throw his sword into the player, and creates a "sword jotun'a» - weapons environment. Jotun will try to raise his sword, but a player can get to the sword first and take advantage of them.

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