Hiring a professional relocation agency does not mean that you have completed your task and responsibilities of relocation. Your task will end only after you successfully relocate to the new destination. You have to remain active at all time unless you accomplish the task. Hiring a professional mover is just one task. Rest tasks are still to be done.

You have to guide the movers from time to time to safely handle the tasks. You need to instruct them at each stage whether packing, moving, loading, unloading or rearranging. They are professionals. Although they can handle all tasks efficiently still you should instruct them. As they take the as part of their job. They sometime get rude and harsh with the valuable goods of the clients and can damage them. They might think that the company has to wear the loss and can rudely take the task to complete it anyhow. So, you should be present during all process and keep watch on their activity and behavior.

You should instruct them while packing. You should ask them to pack your valuable belongings in good quality packing material. You can tell them which items you like to be packed first. Instruct them to pack goods safely and securely. Interrupt them whenever you feel they are packing loosely or imperfectly. Ask him to devote required time in packing items. Give extra suggestion for packing fragile items, electronic items and other costly items of goods. Ask them to label each packed carton after packing. Labeling must be descriptive. It is for safety of goods. It is only you who have to bear the pains if the goods will be damaged. So, be active and make your home shifting safe, secure and smooth. Ask them to use different colors to mark the cartons. You can make color code and ask them to follow the same.

Guide them to carefully handle goods during loading and unloading goods on and from the vehicles. Ask the relocation agency to provide moving pad, moving trolley, moving blanket, etc. Ask the staffs to use pulley to load and unload heavy items. Use blanket to load goods in trucks so that the goods do not encounter any damage or scratch. Tell them to put heavier items at bottom and lighter items at the top of the truck. Instruct the driver to drive the vehicles slowly and smoothly.

However, if you hire one of the Pune packers movers, you do not need to guide them as they are perfect in their tasks and responsibilities. Packers movers Pune based companies have efficient and dedicated staffs to make relocation easy, safe and smooth. They are dedicated to their responsibilities and can handle all situations with ease. So, you can easily rely on movers packers Pune for your relocation need.

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