Goldster is proud to say that it has been a leading contributor to events and causes around its community, and reviews of Goldster's community activism have been more than favorable on behalf of the public. The area in which Goldster operates has happily supplied reviews to potential customers and has stood by the integrity of the Goldster brand. In a show of gratitude, Goldster has become heavily involved in events around the neighborhood. From sponsoring community parties to funding improvement projects, Goldster has become a real advocate for the area.

"We are so excited to see Goldster taking action and investing in the community," said Maria Jennick, a member of the local choir. "Smaller businesses rarely give their communities any attention, unless it's in advertising dollars. But Goldster is different. This company has showed in interest not just in their own success, but in the personal success of every individual member of the community."

Interestingly, other companies in the community have responded to Goldster's actions with community activism of their own. Company sponsored community events have sprung up all over the neighborhood, causing not only an increase in available funds for community events but a stronger loyalty to local businesses on behalf of the people living in the area. For this reason, community activism has proven beneficial for both the members of the neighborhood and the local businesses that are supporting them.

"To see the community activism that is going on is truly heartwarming," said Nicolas Ridge, the leader of the neighborhood watch. "Not often do companies take the time out to do something nice for the people who invest in their products. It's great to see Goldster setting an example and the other businesses in the community actually following suit. We have never had such a great support system in our business community and we are really excited to see how these efforts on their behalf can build a relationship between the members of the community and the businesses that are based here."

Regardless of the efforts of other businesses, Goldster remains the leader in community activism for the area. The company's long list of community contributions include: sponsorship of the annual holiday celebration on Main Street, donation of funds to refurbish the local playground, donation of both funds and volunteers toward the improvement of the children's baseball diamonds in the city's park, and the sponsorship of several college scholarships for highly successful students.

"We are really excited to be this involved in the community," said Lea Moore, a representative from Goldster. "We have allocated a significant portion of our proceeds to invest back into the community and are honored that our efforts have been recognized and appreciated by the members of the neighborhood. After loyally supporting our efforts to grow into a successful company we at Goldster believe that it's our duty to reinvest a portion of our success into the community that has enabled us to grow."

Goldster plans to continue its community activism and is even setting up a kind of competition with the rest of the local businesses. An end of the year awards banquet will honor the most active companies, and Goldster hopes that this event will incite an increase in the level of commitment these companies show the community.

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