The recipes collected over from different states of south India are here being established well with a Restaurant having attractions in the city of Fremont in Dosahut.

One such recipes are the very basic blend from coconut which is a nut shell for all others,
because the coconuts that had to be made into different kind of pastes and adding up with different side dishes just wont be a pleasant surprise until you dine at Dosahut, its because its a tradition to add coconut powder with pastes in all food items. That would make the health even good with skin complexity.

Here in over the Dosahut the Dosa is the main favourite that would be served with definitely the coconut pastes side dish and sambhar, the other south Indian favourites, and so the other favourites of south India will also be known to you as you taste one of them, while considering about Dosa alone there is a different type of preparing it and named around more than 10

They are Andhra kara dosa, spicy crepes served with mashed potatoes, onion rava masala dosa, onion flavoured crispy samolina crepes with mashed potatoes, plain dosa, thin crispy crepe made with rice and lentils, masala dosa, ginger and onion flavored potato stuff inside the dosa, podi dosa, spicy lentils powder topped on crepes, mysore masala dosa, south indian special crepes, madurai malli dosa, special cilantro flavoured crepes with masala, paneer dosa, flavoured cottage cheese stuffed on the crepes, spring dosa, mixed vegetable stuffed on the crepes, butter masala dosa, butter flavoured crepes with masala, ghee / paper roast, home made clarifed butter, flavoured and large crispy crepes, kal dosa, home style crepe, sada rava dosa, special semolina based crispy crepes, rava masala dosa, special semolina based crispy crepes with mashed potatos, onion rava dosa, onion flavoured crispy samolina crepes.

But you definitely like this and make other items also get to attraction. I believe that you almost know where is Dosahut at Fremont

39180 paseo padre pkwy
Fremont, ca 94538
Phone: 510-796-DOSA (3672)

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