Hawaii is the best island tourist destination in the United States. For spectacular beach experience, Hawaii is among the top ranked objectives in the world as well as the most enjoyable night life activities. The American called it the paradise of their country. People from all over the world who like to enjoy the best beaches in the world come to visit Hawaii. Beside the tourists, it is the most favorite surfing spot in the world for the surfers. The sky high waves can give the ultimate surfing experience to the surfers. The underwater quests in the state are also world famous. In general terms, Hawaii is everything you ask for in an island in the middle of the Pacific.

Tour the Islands

Hawaii has several big islands and numerous small islands. Among them, the Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Molokai are worth for touring. However, if you can make some extra time, you should visit some other islands too.

The Hawaii is the largest island in the state and main tourist attraction. The state is named after this island. However, the capital is located in the island of Oahu. The name means the Gathering Place. Honolulu, the capital city is in the southern portion of the island. It is the most populated island in the state and the most developed one too.

The central administration and commercial activities are placed from here. The main tourist attraction of the island and in whole Hawaii is the Waikiki beach. The beach is one of the best in the world and has a large number of visitors in all around the year. Although the best time for surfing is the winter when the waves reach to the highest pick. These are the world's largest waves.

In Maui, you will find mountains along with the beaches. It is the second largest island in the state. The West Maui Mountains and the Haleakala National Park are the most visited places in Maui. This place is awesome for hiking as well as other favorite tourist activities like snorkeling, air surfing, diving and of course, whale watching.

The Kauai is famous for its natural wonders which include the Waimea Canyon, the Na Pali Coast and the Wailua River. This place is an excellent option for the tourists who like to have some wild nature with the sea beaches.

Food and eating

Eating in Hawaii is really interesting and adventurous. It has a large collection of different foods from different parts of the world. And the test of the foods is world famous. This place is known for a wide variety of foods including seafood and tropical fruits. The Hawaiian drinks are also very famous among the tourists.

The night clubs in Hawaii have worldwide popularity for their colorfulness and excitement. There are several night clubs in almost every island in the state and most of them worth visiting. If you are touring in Hawaii, try different clubs every night. You will have different experiences.

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