The Italian manufactures are ready to take any challenging tasks related with designing works. Here is an example for it -Foscarini Twiggy. It's a challenging task to mould the innovative ideas into the real shape, only few in the world posses that talent. By the arrival of the lamp Foscarini Twiggy they make sure to attain that talent. This lamp is an outstanding work done by Italian's which creates a stylish environment in your home. Different colors, designs and the variety of models makes the lamp very popular. Due to these reasons we can realize the importance of Foscarini Twiggy.


The lamp consists of different models which create a good lighting environment. It includes table lamps, ceiling lamps and hanging lamps.Foscarini Twiggyprovides an ample, linear and essential design combined with strong flexibility. These features characterize the formal elegance and light sophistication of the lamp. The table lamp offers a typical flexible refinement of the original creation. And the ceiling model has the maximum expression of flexibility by rotating 330 degrees. It is an optimal solution for decentralizing a light source. The hanging version is available in two different sizes and has a wide variety of users. Foscarini Twiggy preserves all the expressiveness in decoration of the original floor version.


The lamp is available in four different colors. They are yellow, red, white and black.
Foscarini Twiggylamps are made in composite lacquered material on a fiber glass base. The diffuser is used to offer direct lighting on the surface below. The table lamp uses an incandescent bulb of 1x60W with a dimmer. The ceiling lamp consists of an incandescent bulb of 3x100W. The hanging lamp uses two types of bulbs large incandescent of 3x100W and small halogen of 1x60W. The color combination and usage of different bulbs creates attractiveness to the lamp.

Lighting environment

The lighting environment created by this lamp is really appreciable and no words are there to define that.

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