Ford Endeavour has introduced in India in 2003. It is a midsized Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) with a capacity to accommodate seven adults in the two available versions of this car. The price range of this car varies between Rs 16,30,000 to Rs 18,82,000.


Ford Endeavour 2.5 liter XLT 4x2, Ford Endeavour 3.0 liter Thunder + 4x4 and Ford Endeavour 4x4 Thunder Plus are the available models of Ford Endeavour. All of these cars have Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) which enhances the overall performance and offers excellent acceleration which enables the car to cross 100 kmph mark in 13.9 seconds. Like all other SUV the off-road capacity of Endeavour is also very much appreciated.
Available engines of this car are 2.5 L In-line 4, 141 bhp Diesel and 3.0 TDCi Inline-4, 154 bhp Diesel. The fuel consumption rate of these two engines are 9.3 /12.3 km/l (city/ highway), 2.5L I-4 Diesel and 8.8/11.2 km/l (city/ highway), 3.0L I-4 Diesel respectively.

Highlighted Features:

Rugged appearance, 3.0L turbo diesel engine and 5-speed Automatic Transmission are the most highlighted features of this car. Shift-on-fly wheel drive, Touch Enabled Satnav and DVD system and great off-road driving dynamics added an extra appeal in the pros of this car. The new 5-speed transmission system is an innovative Transmission Control Module (TCM) that can automatically detect and adjust to the engine speed driving condition. By keeping the transmission system at its peak power band this technology makes Ford Endeavour more responsive. New transmission system also includes Borg Warner transfer system and electronic active shift-on-the fly which allows the driver to shift the driving mode from 2WD to 4WD at high driving speeds (up to 100 km/h)

Interior and Exterior Style:

Ford Endeavour is equipped with all new modern styling that is a true match for a macho SUV. This car is available in five different colors and they are morello, brush steel, diamond while, thunder and panther black. The Ford legacy could not be denied. High bonnet and behemoth size makes the front bonnet distinctive. The out front of the car is decorated with bold full chrome radiator grille with ornamentation and the wraparound headlamps. The thunder+ variant offers a classier exterior than the XLT. Thunder+ has larger mirrors that integrate turn indicator and puddle lamps, body cladding, a spare wheel and many other attractive features.

The interior of the Ford Endeavour is not only elegant but also provide world class levels of comfort. The roomy cabin, lavish leather upholstery and air conditioner for all three rows with controls mounted on the ceiling make Ford Endeavour a cushy transport for long and bumpy drives. For entertainment and better comfort the car awe-inspiring touched enabled Satnav and DVD system.

Safety Features:

Ford Endeavour is provided with the latest safety features which make it the safest vehicle to travel. Passive anti-theft system (PATS), a standard theft guard feature, stops the engine from being started with an incorrectly coded key by spontaneously shutting off fuel to the fuel injection system within two seconds. All other usual safety measures like child-proof rear door locks, front passenger airbags, reverse parking camera etc. are also available in this car.

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