The Bad Girls Club is an American television series based on the genre of reality and drama. Its executive producers are Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein and Glenn Carranos. Most of the series is filmed in Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Mexico. It was produced under Bunim Murray Productions. Its first episode aired on December 05, 2006 on Oxygen Channel and the series. The program has come up with 7 successful seasons with a total of 130 episodes.

Bad Girls Club is a reality series based on the lives of girls who gets featured in it. It is related to their problems and the difficulties they face in their lives. All the girls who appear in the show have their unique stories which include some personal issues also which keep them away from living a normal life. They have to battle each and every day in their lives. The entire story revolves around seven women with different backgrounds and personality. They have a lot of problems in their lives. They are brought in the series so that they can face their problems with a better outlook. They are inspired to do something unusual to make their lives more interesting and happy.

The series was accepted by the audiences as well as critics. The show got good response from the critics. The series has a lot of nominations and awards in its credit. The program is related to the inner self of the contestants in the program. They are told to follow their hearts as well as rules. Sometimes they indulge into conflicts with their fellow contestants also. They also go under personal interviews as well as they are told to make confessions. They are also having permission to interact with their family and friends through computer connected televisions. They are prohibited from using communication essentials personally.

Often the girls are seen struggling in their daily lives. Some girls also left the series because they were engaged more in fighting with their roommates rather than sorting out their problems. It only happened in season one, five, six and eight. The show was successful in its all seasons and it got high rankings. It has an average of one million viewers per episode. Till the time it reached its fifth season, its viewership increased to 2 million.
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