The immune system is very important for every human being to be able to fight the various diseases that can affect us. As humans, we have a complex immune system that protects each of us from various microbes and other organisms that cause diseases. The immune system attacks these organisms when they enter our body and destroy these microbes. There are times when the immune system is compromised and the person who is affected may get various kinds of diseases.

Children are usually the group of people who are easily affected by diseases that can even be fatal, because of the decreased immune system present in them. Other than children, the elderly people are also those who have very less immunity and are more susceptible to diseases. There are also people in various other age groups who may have their immunity lowered because of the consumption of various medications, poor diet and also because they have already been affected by a disease that has lowered the immunity that they have against diseases.

Foods that lower the human immunity:

There are certain kinds of foods that cause a decrease in the human immunity. This is because the immunity of a person actually means the amount of White blood cells that are present in the body that fight against the various microbes that enter the body. There are various kinds of foods that cause a decrease in these cells and so indirectly cause a decrease in the immunity level that the person enjoys.

The foods that cause a decrease in the immunity are as follows:

1. High Fat diet:

If you consume food that has a high content of fat in it, then the food can cause a reduction in the immunity level by as much as 79%. This is especially true when you consume animal fat like chicken, mutton, fish and other animal based foods. There has been a study where a group of people who consumed animal based fat were compared with a group that consumed plant based fatty food. It was found that the people who consumed animal based fat were having much lower immunity than those who consumed plant based fat as part of their diet.

2. Cow's Milk:

It has also been found that the milk of cow can reduce the immunity that we enjoy. Research has also shown that consuming cows milk can increase the risk of cancer in many people.

3. Egg:

If egg is not cooked properly, then it could be a source of potent infection causing a lot of diseases that are immune compromised. The reason for this is that eggs could transmit many viruses.

4. Sugar:

Sugar that is made after being processed can also reduce the immunity if used excessively. You should try t use natural sweeteners as much as possible to increase the immunity. Consuming too much of sugar causes the white blood cells to have decreased function.

These are the commonly consumed foods that have the potential to reduce the immunity of the person.

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