The immunity of a person is an indicator of the health status of the individual. If you are a person who has a lot of diseases, then our immunity could be low which makes you more susceptible to the various microbes and other organisms that cause the diseases. There are many people who seem to have lowered immunity because of various reasons like the environment they live in and the food they consume. Healthy food helps to increase the immunity of the person. There are times when the medications that are consumed by the person can also cause the immunity to be lowered. This is especially true when steroids are consumed and suddenly stopped. This causes the suppression of the natural immunity of the body and causes the person to be at a very high risk of various kinds of infections.

The various diseases that occur in a person with poor immunity can be controlled to an extent by healthy eating. This article lists the various foods that help to increase the immunity.

1. Soy:

Soy is a food that has a lot of anti oxidant properties. Any food that has anti oxidants in it is good for the health because it helps to reduce the free radicals that cause diseases in the person. Reduction in free radicals can cause you to have increased health and reduced chances of getting various chronic diseases. Soy has been found to increase the immunity of those consuming it against diseases like flu and even cancer.

2. Fruits and vegetables:

All foods that are natural and are not processed are usually better than foods that have been processed. The reason for this is that any processed food will have all the nutrients removed from it. On the other hand, foods like fruits and vegetables have rich nutrients in them and cause the person consuming them to have more immunity against various diseases.

3. Minerals:

There are a lot of minerals and vitamins that also cause the immunity of the person to be raised when they are consumed on a regular basis. The minerals that help to increase the immunity of the person and so should be a part of the diet are copper, selenium, Zinc, folate, and many other minerals that are found in various foods naturally. Other than these minerals, the Vitamins that provide immunity against diseases with the anti oxidant properties that they have are Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

4. Other foods:

There are also various other foods that increase the immunity of the person to a large extent. These include foods such as garlic and also turmeric. These should be part of the diet of every person as they help to control the diseases. They can be consumed either raw or in the cooked form to derive the benefits. These foods have various anti cancerous properties and also help to make the person less susceptible to infections by increasing the immunity of the individual consuming these foods.

These are the foods that help to boost the immunity.

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