If you are an extreme sports fan who loves to go surfboarding in the open seas, kitesurfing in the high ocean waves, and paragliding in the open air, then it's about time for you to take snowkiting lessons and go flying high in the mountain tops with your handy board and kite.

Quite similar to kitesurfing, which makes use of a kite to glide through daunting ocean waves, and snowboarding, which uses a snow board to slide down icy mountain slopes, snowkiting also makes use of a snowboard and a kite to slide, and eventually fly, down lofty mountain tops.

When starting out in snowkiting, you basically take position on a hill or mountain top with your feet firmly on the ground. Then the kite is put in motion as you start running down the white, long hill. As you go snowboarding along the mountain, your kite helps you gain speed and with a good flurry of air, you can also go about ten to fifteen feet up in the air, also known as the "air time".
Equally risky as with other extreme sports, snowkiting can pose safety problems with the snowkiter and the surrounding crowd alike. Insufficient kite power can cause the snowkiter to crash and land, but at a much less softer ground, which is covered with snow. Compared to kitesurfing, those who have experienced crashing in both sports claimed that a snowkiting crash is way gentler compared to a water crash. A few serious injuries, however, were noted with those who tried the sport for the sole purpose of recording it on camera. Because of this, recent safety measures taken by snowkiting experts, is to require a helmet and a skateboard pad. Nearby bystanders who are not cautious can also be hit by an occurring collision or smash down.

Many people say that snowkiting is much easier to learn than kitesurfing in that, it is easier to stand on ice than in water. Plus, less wind is required in snowkiting. It can also be done anywhere and everywhere as long as there is an open expanse of land. You don't need to find a body of water to perform it which makes it much more accessible. Just one important reminder you should always keep is that, snowkiting lessons are necessary before engaging in this sport. No matter how minimal posed threats could be, it Is still important to have a background information as to the techniques, mechanics, and danger preventions related to this sport.

Mastery of the kite is the key to a successful snowkiting experience. Once you've perfected the art of correlating your kite motion to the wind direction, you're absolutely good to go. Before venturing into any sport make sure to have a proper training and equip your self with information that would help you understand the do's and dont's of any sport that you are planning to take to.

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