Five Do's and Don'ts when participating in a Group Discussion (GD)


• Sit erect and lean forward when necessary.

• Grab every opportunity to pitch in with valid points.

• Discuss as much variety as possible or bring a 360 degree perspective of the topic during the discussion

• Have full control over your body language

• Reflect 'leadership ability' and an 'ability to listen and comprehend' in your overall approach during the discussion.


• Address your points of discussions to the panel which is conducting or watching your discussion.

• Pose that you know more than what you actually do!

• Stare at yourself or any member in particular or look up at the ceiling.

• Cut anybody sternly especially if he or she is making a valid point.

• Pick an argument or show hostility with any member during the discussion.

And of course the basic but yet the biggest at times.....


Please note: This may not necessarily be a comprehensive kit with all tips equipped for a successful GD, but yet it has few handy tips that can lead one to take a group discussion with a great amount of confidence and satisfaction.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am an Asst. Prof. with MET Institute of Management Mumbai