Faith in relations is important just like air to breath. This is because if we lost faith in our relations we can not live that relations truly, and as we know that every relation needs love to survive ,so without faith that love can not remain in our heart.

A short story can describe it in a well manner, there was a boy very tough, senseless, and like the same other guys who think that only they are the hero in this world and do whatever they want.he met a girl and the magic started to take its chance, he changed, totally. You know why ? Only for that girl, but how can love be so easy for anyone now its the time to check how much he really love that girl? She left him due to certain misunderstanding and then for five months she neither talk him nor even send a single message for him, the contact between the two was zero and there were no chance of meeting again but what comes in between was FAITH of that boy in his love. You will not believe but he waited for her for these five months, prays for her, forgot everything and remember her all day, and loved her so much that after five months she herself called him again and said that she missed him so much and then she came to his arms for ever.

Nice story na! This is not just a story but a true example of real faith in your love and it shows that having faith in relations is really very important.

His faith won the battle, and he got his love. so its a simple thing that if you really committed to someone then don't expect any thing from him or her but just keep faith and love as much as you can.

Believe me, it works.

Gauri Shravan Didel

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