Life is beautiful and peaceful if you have a family to take care of you and friends to support you. These people bring in an objective for you to live and make you optimistic about your life. But unfortunately our Life and these relations are not as simple as you may think. It requires a lot of efforts from both parties to maintain and develop a relationship. There are a number of reasons that result in failure of a relationship and they can be avoided by an individual. One of the causes is avoiding your partner or friend; this may even result in losing your beloved. The other fact that must be taken in to account is the relationship lies between two individuals who may be entirely different from each other. So the personality type of a person must be known and understood to their partner. Relationships fail if partners do not compromise on various things. There are lows of a relationship too so one of the partner might be stressed and sensitive about a matter; such cases require understanding and compromises as well as time from the other partner.

Relationships also fail if they remain stagnant for a long time. Partners must make their relation more interesting by adding in some spice into their life. Other than this if one of the partners starts making mistakes it may result in conflicts between them and these small conflicts later on turn into bigger issues. Along with smaller but genuine conflicts relations have to do with the mindset of both individual. If one of the partners has more negative thoughts and he always thinks ill it is obvious that a couple may have interpersonal relationship problem.

Relations require give and take so you need to put in such things in your life for the relation to be healthy enough. If you ever happen to be attending an interesting class a student who ask questions after questions, most of which are usually meaningless, the teachers get annoyed a lot. Same applies for relations, if one of the partners happens to ask frequent and annoying questions, the other one usually gets screwed and angry. Some of the responses from one individual are responsible for relationship failure too like jealousy. These unhealthy habits must be avoided.

It is said that you must make your beloved realize how much you love them and care for them since it would hardly take some minutes of your day, but on the other hand makes your day worth something, but with a new lifestyle that follows more hectic routine people do not usually happen to do that and then starts the declining phase of a true relation. No matter how busy your schedule is, make sure you take some time out for your family and friends.

Usually in any relation people sort between the one who sounds more dominant and the other who looks weaker. When such differences are raised it results in personality problems that ultimately hinder the relations from getting beautiful. With this comes the phenomenon of attachment to an individual no matter how close you are to someone and how much attention do you seek, it is important to keep into account the fact that they are a part of the outside society like you and need to give time to their works and social activities because when you are emotionally attached with someone you would continuously seek their attention and in doing so you might turn out to be a problem for their real life and ultimately they would like to get rid of you. Such emotions must also be taken care of if breakups are to be avoided.

One just does not have to keep a relation; the relationship has to be successful too. So little issues such as financial crises must be dealt with wisdom rather than making a mess out of it. And trust your partner, if there is no trust the relation is never going to last longer.

By keeping into account all the above mentioned facts one cannot only avoid an issue but also solve them in case they ever arise between people. All one need to do is to have faith in their relationship.

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