Facebook: A Boon or a Bane

Facebook has created a stir in social networking web. It has made a grandiose entry in the virtual world. I came across a newspaper clipping a few days back which hinted on the popularity quotient of facebook. The clipping stated that if facebook would have been a country then after china, and india, it would have been the third most populous country in the world. Facebook was originated few years back by Mark Zuckerberg, from that level it has reached the zenith.

The debate has been going on since its foundation whether it has been a boon in internet arena or a bane. Being a boon or a bane are the two sides of the same coin. Facebook is a site where a person gets connected with his or her friends , family and relatives and even one gets acquainted with unknown people from various countries. It is a platform to connect with people you have lost touch with and a place to socialize with the help of photos and videos.

Therefore, it rightly proves to be a communication device not only in establishing connections with family but also used as a professional communication network.People can easily find jobs on facebook as several firms are there on the site and even facebook itself provides career opportunities. It is used as a medium of advertising the products. IT has also become a place for generating awareness for multiple issues ranging from political issues like corruption to social issues like saving environment etc.

Some people have also referred facebook as dating site where not only two unknown people meet but also a long distance relationship can be sustained. Even through profiles and fan pages of eminent personalities, it has brought the general public close to their favourite stories and has build up a kind of rapport between the two. Various surveys are also carried on with the help of facebook.
Also interesting devices on facebook like video chatting have lead people to come close to each other as they can interact with each other beside being in separate countries, Washington social reader provides the news from all over the world so if a someone skips the morning news it becomes easier to approach it on facebook or from photos also the relationship between people have become strong.

But though being truly a boisterous world, facebook too has its share of negative aspects. Facebook has become a sort of an addiction especially for the younger generation. They remain glued to their screen which takes a toll on their health like the obesity rates in the country have raised because children generally tend to play video games or play at internet. This has resulted in total boycott of physical workout and the constant exposure to the net also affects the eyes.

Not only it affects the health but it also acts as a sort of temptation. It has created certain restrictions like a person can't open facebook when he or she is doing some important or official work but unfortunately a person can't resist this temptation. It has also created problems in relationships where a person normally gets attracted to another.

Also the games on facebook have diverted the attention of children from their studies as well as it has created a rift between family members where especially a child tends to become a problem in the matters of health and behavior and spends less time with his family.

A survey in a newspaper claimed that a person gets a job if his friends list on facebook is above 500. So facebook is also being used as a parameter in recruitment of jobs. This is quite unfair on the part of people who don't reach such an oddities target, though he or she is more eligible for the job.

We can't ignore the whole scenario of facebook but definitely we can make sort of compromise that is we have to manage our time. We should in a way resist ourselves and should plan everything accordingly. We shouldn't imbibe ourselves or engross so much into facebook and shouldn't be carried away in the flow.

A certain limit should be set because it is a virtual territory after all and the relations and the relations as well as reality are much more important than facebook. Hence facebook has its pros cons. We can't ignore it and also can't live without it. It is not an impeccable thing and it can never be as it is boon for some and bane for some, therefore it depends on the person who makes it a boon or a bane for oneself.

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