What genre of cars work best as used cars?

You could buy any genre depending on its mechanical condition. But the ones to avoid in most cases are high-end luxury cars. The relatively low rates coupled with smashing looks may be very tempting but keep in mind that they may cost you a lot more to maintain in the long run. Apart from that, you can also check on the car's depreciation rate. Buy a moderately priced car that won't lose its value too quickly.

What to expect when driving a used car?

You may expect slightly lower fuel efficiency than a new piece of the same model. However, don't put your expectations too low; even used cars can give excellent value for money if you look for the right cars and the right models. Visit more than one used auto dealers for finding a car that is amazing to drive.

Which cars should I avoid?

Avoid cars that are more than ten years old. Even if they appear alright in the exterior there may have occurred excess wear and tear on the inside in all these years. One more thing to avoid is a car that is extremely high on the milometer.

How should I inspect the pre-owned car - do I need a mechanic or can I do it by myself?

In most cases professional help is recommended. If you have an extensive knowledge of car parts and know just what all to inspect, you can do it yourself too. Buying used cars is a game of great observation and auto-knowledge. If you get these two things right, you can inspect any car well and make the right decision for yourself.

Are there any tell-tale signs that indicate a car's condition?

The interiors of a car are generally a giveaway sign of whether a car has been in good hands; if they are worn or abused, get the hint that the previous driver probably never cared much for the car. Checking accident history of the car can also help.

Is it better to buy from used auto dealers, or do private sellers make better deal makers?

If you are an automobile expert buying used cars straight from private sellers is advisable as they sell cheaper. However they may be hard to find at times. And if you are a novice when it comes to cars, get the addresses of some reputed used auto dealers and check out their best pre-owned models.

What do I ask used car dealers or private sellers when talking over a deal?

Ask if the car is covered under any warranty, has gone through any accidents, and the general mechanical condition of the car. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number lets you check history records of any car, ask for it to be sure of the vehicle's records. Ask for confirmatory data/papers on warranty, mileage, mechanics, etc. Most importantly, don't be hesitant in asking anything that occurs to you. Even if is a used auto for sale in Las Vegas that you are buying, you are a paying customer and you have the right to question.

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