'Make It or Break It' is an American TV show based on family drama, light punches of comedy, and the life of teenagers. It is created and produced by Holly Sorensen, Paul Stupin and John Ziffren. It was first broadcasted on ABC Family in 2009 and on various other channels in respective countries. It was able to fetch a huge crowd of viewers during its first season only. Later it picked up the pace and took the show to three seasons aired in May, 2012 which was the finale season. Fans can now Stream Make It or Break It Online also.

The show primarily focuses on the teenagers who are gymnasts and are making out their way to Olympic Games. The lead characters are Payson Keeler, Kaylie Cruz and Lauren Tanner who are experienced gymnasts, the cream of the crop. They train in renowned gyms of the country, "Rocky Mountain Gymnasts Training Center", in Colorado. They aspire to win the gold medal in the Olympics in 2012 in London. All the three athletes are best pals since long years.

The girls are then connected to a new team mate Emily Kmetko who is brought out of the darkness to the world of Olympics. She was noticed playing at the playground with not so good skills. The future of Emily is about to uproar and is soon getting a chance to play at national level. His coach, Marty Walsh is replaced by the most demanding and experienced athlete, Sasha Belov who is a former Olympic champion. One of the most experienced gymnasts appreciates Sasha about his skills. The girls are barred under the restrictions on their personal lives.

The girls compete with each other to get on the top position to play at national level at the National Gymnastics Championships where only 12 girls can reach. If the girls win over the national games, they get their way cleared to Olympics. It is the first step to their destination. Lauren and Kylie prepare themselves for the competition and Payson fractures her spine after meeting with an accident. She realizes that she will never be able to participate in the Olympics and her future is black shadowed. Kylie brings good news to her family and wins the National Championship.

Payson has accepted the fact that she can never pursue her career as gymnasts. But later she gets an opportunity to go under a surgery to fix her spine. So she grabs it. The surgery goes well but she learns that she can never be the same as before as her body has changed a lot during her recovery session.

The Rock has to now encounter the world best team in the world, the Chinese Team who has been winning the medals from past few years in the world. Finally the girls are able to get five medals after long practicing as a team. Even the US National team was not able to get this number of medals in Beijing in 2008. This all shows the team spirit of the girls.
The girls then set for the Olympics and finally win over their dream and bring home the laurels.

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