The town of Bournemouth celebrates its 200th birthday in 2010. It was established as a holiday centre and has been providing visitors with entertainment and facilities for their Bournemouth holiday ever since.

As well as the obvious natural attractions of sea and sand, this town has made every effort to provide visitors with all they may need to enhance their Bournemouth holiday. Whether one's taste runs to eating out, shopping, theatre or nightclubs, there is a venue for you in the town.
Food is many people's major pleasure of a Bournemouth holiday and the town can provide a wide range of eateries. It is estimated that there are about 250 restaurants and cafés in the town, providing an international range of foods. There is fresh seafood available by the beach; or enjoy one of the premier fish and chip shops, a real feature of a Bournemouth holiday. You can enjoy an Edwardian banquet, a vegetarian snack, or the food of your chosen foreign country.

Between meals, visitors may enjoy a spot of "retail therapy" and the town has provided a plentiful supply of shops to indulge this Bournemouth holiday activity. Most of the centre of the town is pedestrianised, making strolling around the shops very easy. There are shops and boutiques throughout the centre, together with cafés and bars for occasional breaks in your Bournemouth holiday shopping.

A mile to the west, in the district of Westbourne, there is a more specialist centre, called "the Village". This has an elegant selection of designer specialist shops and beauty stores. A mile to the east of the town is Boscombe, which provides for shoppers looking for some more quirky or amusing souvenirs from their Bournemouth holiday.

There are shopping centres within the town centre and the Castlepoint Shopping Centre on the outskirts, all providing a wide choice of outlets. No Bournemouth holiday is complete without a visit to the open air market on Christchurch Road, twice a week. It offers the Bournemouth holiday visitor a wonderful selection of antiques and collectibles.

As night falls, visitors may be looking for Bournemouth holiday entertainment. The visitor has the choice of concerts, cinemas or the renowned nightclub scene. Three concert venues in Bournemouth and one in Poole provide a range of live entertainment.

If your taste runs to classical music, concerts by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra are for you. Although the orchestra tours throughout the south and southwest, many of its concerts are performed in Bournemouth or Poole for Bournemouth holiday visitors and residents alike. There are three different venues for concerts in Bournemouth itself, so visitors should check during their Bournemouth holiday for exact details.

The seven cinemas in Bournemouth, Poole and the immediate area, provide a constant programme of entertainment. With a choice of multiple screens in each cinema (the Odeon in Bournemouth has three), there is sure to be a film for all Bournemouth holiday family tastes.

For the young and young at heart, the nightlife of a Bournemouth holiday is renowned. Even during an off-season Bournemouth holiday, there are 30-40 venues available for clubbers. The buzzing nightclub scene offers drink and dancing clubs, cabaret clubs, bars and many restaurants. Bournemouth has a well-established and renowned gay scene, with a number of clubs and venues clustering around the Triangle, in the centre of the town.

Already the town provides almost anything a visitor may require, but the 200th birthday celebrations will be adding even more spice. The town is planning to provide 200 special events as part of the celebrations, giving those on a Bournemouth holiday even more to enjoy.

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