"I killed him", he laughed. Darkness filled the room like a bloodcurdling night. Full of blood lust and dismay. The house itself, seemed like a grave yard full of death and murder. I wish I never came across this house to hear all this madness, but the screams of pain would make anyone wonder what mysterious events were happening.

Blood started spewing down the wall. For a second I couldn't believe it to be true. Standing outside in the moonlight hearing and watching blood spirting and sheering onto the windows would make you feel overwhelmed with dread. This is... this is... blood.

I abscond. Finding myself locking the lock and sliding the chain-lock on my house's front door. I know he's following me. I ran to the kitchen and picked up the phone. I need to ring someone before it's too late. The doorbell started ringing. I walked slowly to the door, knowing something was about to happen. I unlocked the main lock and the door came swinging open. An eye was in the gap of the door frame of the door. The figure's fist then started violently pulling at the chain repeatly again and again...

"Open it. Open it. Open it. OPEN IT!", I grabbed the door and slammed the door onto his hand, binding the door there, crushing his hand. His hand slowly slipped out from the casing and I smashed the door shut, with no hesitation I locked it. I can't die, not yet. I picked up the phone again. There's no sound, the wires been cut. He's in the house, I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and approached the door. If he's going to kill me, I'm not letting him go alive either. I walked towards the door clutching the knife in my hand and quivering in fear. If something's going to happen, then I'll be ready for him.

I reached for the door handle and opened the door. Usually in horror stories the victims would run up the stairs and hide in the attic, and the murderer would find them, making them sweating with panic. Drowning in fear. Waiting to be killed, but the difference is, this is real life. Not fraudulent. I abandoned the house and looked up at the bright harvest moon, shining through the tree's branches creating an illusory shadow hiding the path before me. The tenseness of the night was unsettling; theres someone behind me. Watching me. Why can't he end my life now? Instead of making me suffer?

"Maybe I should end this now myself!" I proclaimed, as I put the knife to my neck. I urged it into my neck... I change my mind, I don't want to die. Not yet. "GOD, SOMEBODY HELP ME!" Blood exuded from my neck. Aslong as I'm still alive. I'll keep living. Something dripped onto my face, I looked up in horror to see a corpse suspending from the tree above me. This guy is in-human.

I heard a faint noise below me at the bottom of the cliff. A dark van quietly pulled in to the beach. This is my chance I can wwarn them. Wait. I can't speak, I'm trying to, but the pain from the stab wound is effecting my throat and making me paralised. Watching in horror as they drove away from the beach, unable to do anything.

A little girl transpired from the bushes , she glanced at me. Her eyes were disconsolate and as if there was no life in them. She looked like a dead doll which was possessed. The corpse above her was swaying in the wind, she looked up at the woman's body dangling down. The trees rustled as if they were telling each other secrets, knowing the truth about life and it's secrets. She was carrying a book, it looked like a Necronomicon, what a shinigami would hold, when carrying out deaths. We were standing beside the cliff watching the ocean shimmer with the reflection of stars glittering, she placed the book on the floor. I looked behind us the man was standing there holding a .44 Magnum gun, he shot at her. She fell backwards off the cliff plummeting into the sea below, her long dress looked like a pair of angel wings as she fell to her angelic death. I saw an innocent child die because of the self-indulgence of this man!

"YOU MURDERER!", I screamed as I thrushed the knife into his stomach. He started laughing. The knife was in as far as it would go. Looks like the shinigami isn't doing a good job today. I took out the knife and reached to stab it into his head, he grasped the knife and slit one of my wrists. My mind went blank, for sure this time I'm going to die.

My eyes are dreary, but I can clearly see a the sun glistening down on me. Have I gone insane, and imagioned all that last night? Beside me- was a black notebook. With the name 'Rena' written on it. I opened it to see to my abhorrence the pictures of everyone he's killed. Pieces of information that describe the type of death and time of which it happened. Her death will not be in vein. My wrists were bleeding, blood dropped down to the floor. I will bleed to death before I get to a hospital.

I ambulated quietly back to my house and locked the door behind me. I hid the book under my ancient floor-boards and took a needle and thread from my dresser. I sew the flesh together and bandaged it up.

Outside my house was a Vauxhall Astra, nobody was around. I advanced up to the car and gazed in the window. Somebody behind me hit me, abundance of times.

I woke up, and dripping down my face was blood a krooklok was beside me covered in blood. 'I let him have it on the road out of Harrogate -once with the head, then six times with the krooklok', I tried to take control of the vehicle but it was no use, the car went descending down the cliff of the road. My life flashed before my eyes, all of the innocent people who died, because of this man. It's finally over. I'll never know the outcome of this suicidal accident. Hopefully Rena's death aswell as mine will not be in vein.

About Author / Additional Info:
Nothing more than a horror.. I wrote this last year.