Tantra, What's the Big Secret?

Tantric healing--the name conjures up mystery with a hint of dark forbidden excitement.
Yet it is one of the most beneficial healing practices available. So what exactly is it?

The original meaning of tantra--a Sanskrit word--is weft, continuum, or system. Originally it defined a series of teachings on systems of meditation for the purpose of using spiritual development to promote the growth and expansion of human potential within the ground of experience. Tantric meditation practices promote the purification of the practitioner and leads to fruition in the form of a deepened capacity to experience and appreciate all levels of reality. This includes the ability to surrender and go deeply within, deepen awareness, attain stillness, freely circulate and experience all of one's energies and the energies of others, leading to expanded states of aliveness, spiritual purification and elevation, prolonged states of bliss, and--here's where its sexy reputation comes from--full-body orgasm.

And this is how in the West the practice of tantra became primarily associated with the act of sex. But this is a very limited and limiting perspective on the vast benefits of this genuinely healing art. As Freud himself explained, the libido is the life force and is not limited to the genitals. Tantric teachers know that sexual energy is simply the life force of the universe. (Other names for this include primal energy and Shakti.) When it is bottled up and limited solely to our genitals our entire being suffers. The rest of our body is deprived of pleasure and nourishment; our ability to fully express ourselves, to create, to relate, and to enjoy suffers. We become tired, ill and depressed. Even those who enjoy regular sex may not be getting anywhere near the full potential benefits and pleasure of this experience. Arousal and emancipation remain centered in the genitals while the rest of the body remains disconnected from full sensation and experience. Their orgasm brings a temporary blast of localized heat, perhaps accompanied by some feelings of peace and bliss--but it's all too short-lived. The constant seeking for another fix leads to addictions, unhappiness and depletion.

In tantra you learn to slow down, go within, surrender and open your entire being to the receiving and experience of profoundly ecstatic sensual pleasure and transcendent bliss. Tantric practices will teach a man how to prolong his erection, and will teach both men and women to enhance their own level of enjoyment and deeply satisfy their partner.

Specific tantric practices that work with releasing the kundalini can be used to unblock and heal the heart chakra and heal the split that many people have between who they can feel love for and who they can feel sexual desire for. Tantric practices can be taught to couples to allow them to eliminate blocks to connection and intimacy. This can rejuvenate the relationship and even save the marriage.

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Many problems, including sexual problems, can be eliminated through tantric healing practices. In men these include soft erections, inability to achieve or maintain erection, low arousal, and premature ejaculation. In women these include loss of interest in sex, loss or absence of sensations, painful intercourse, inability to reach orgasm, weak orgasms, weakened pelvic muscles, fear of loss of control, fear of intimacy and feelings of guilt, shame and inhibition.

But the benefits don't stop with improvement of sexual function. They will also lead to an overall improvement in health. Your body will literally produce substances that heal and rejuvenate you. The production of human growth hormone, serotonin, DHEA, testosterone and oxytocin will all increase. Circulation, immune, endocrine and nervous system function will all improve. Depression and stress can disappear. Headaches, menstrual cramps, urinary tract problems, and incontinence can all be eliminated. You will literally glow with happiness and vitality. Your friends may wonder if you've gotten a facelift or are taking some miracle drug. But the truth is you've discovered the real fountain of youth.

Components of Tantric Healing:

Meditation practices
Breathing practices
Learning to direct the flow of energy through tantric yoga.
Touch to relax and open the body
Touch to open and clear chakras and energy channels and guide the flow of energies--including Shakti, prana, chi and kundalini.

Yemalla BArr, Healer and mother of the Sea

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