As the society is developing, one of the major aspects of current socio-cultural advancement includes an element called "ENTERTAINMENT". Though the word has a very simple meaning, that is, something which gives pleasure or helps in relieving stress, it has seemed to overtake a new definition.

Entertainment has a different meaning for different age of groups. For toddlers, its just a game of cars. As people grow up, it means something bigger for them. Strangely, entertainment has also included certain taboo topics like sex and sex related games and videos. The teenagers consider this topic to be very amusing and interesting. As we know, little knowledge is a dangerous thing, they get invloved in such type of rackets which they find to be entertaining.

It has also been found lately that not only teenagers, the grown up men also indulge in such kind of heinous activities. However, it is very strange to observe that such things are successful in entertaining on the male genders, while the females are happily enjoying the daily drama soaps on the television. Another evil side of it is the addiction to smoking and drinking. People find these things relieving them from stress. Hardly do they realise that it is harming their lives.

On further examination of the matter, one more thing that is becoming extremely popular amongst the younsters is racing. Illegal car/bike racing seems to amaze young guys and girls and they find it extremely thrilling to risk their lives just over a bet. Bars and casinos also attract people where they lose ample money just for the sake of entertainment.

Earlier, it only comprised of some indoor/outdoor games, comedy, watching a play or reading. However, ot is observed that these simple and sober activities did not have enough gravity to hold people in their arms'. The majority of the world population is involved in some of the illegal or unethical "entertaining" activiites. It is very horrifying to notice that, this current scenario has had a very negative and destructing impact on every aspect of human life. This has encouraged the crime rate as well as, has also disturbed the peaceful social environment.

This is also found that in spite of certain laws framed by the government, these activities are happening on a daily basis and is also hampering the social developments. It is, thus, required that the government of each country be a bit strict in these cases which will help in maintaining peace across the world. This, one of the major aspect a normal human life, plays an important role in shaping one's personality and future. Hence, it is highly required to amend this road that entertainment is taking us to.

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