Some readers have demanded whether there is documentation backing the case of the Blatant Professional Lynching of a Black Male 12-year Science Veteran Teacher in New York City.

Any individual or entity that desires to see the documentation herein described which attest to the racism practiced against teacher YMN (real name's initials, as are all the initials used here) by some racist individuals in the New York City school system as well as in the New York City Teachers' Union (UFT) can write to Mr. Yaa-Lengi at

Fifty (50) years after the March on Washington for Jobs and Civil Rights where Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous "I have a dream" speech and the progress that has been achieved in these United States, one would be tempted to not believe that racism could be so blatantly practiced against a Black male Science teacher who was qualified and experienced and then was fired for teaching real science, a couple of weeks before achieving tenure.

This racist act took place not in 1881 but rather in 2001 in the "liberal" North-East of the United States, in New York State, in New York City. Here are the details of some of the documents available on demand:

Document 1: the letter firing YMN from his summer school per diem assignment on August 13, 2001, one week before the end of summer school was signed by NMW, the superintendent for Bronx High Schools. The document was written on the letterhead of the "Office of the Bronx High Schools Superintend, 3000 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 20461. The reason stated for this firing: "allegations of inappropriate behavior".

Document 2: the letter firing YMN on August 17, 2001, from his regular job that was unrelated to the summer assignment, a firing by mail, in a blatant disregard of Due Process and the teachers' protection under the Collective Bargaining Agreement or "Contract" between the UFT and the New York City government; a firing before any investigation, hearing. This letter was signed by RO, the superintendent of Alterative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs. This document was written on the letterhead of the "Office of the Superintendent, Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs, 45-18 Court Square, Long Island City, NY 11101. The reason stated for this firing: "acts of misconduct while assigned as a teacher... during the 2001 summer session." Incredibly, the racist arrogance of RO in firing YMN is demonstrated in his changing "allegation" into "acts of misconduct", knowing fully well that at least an appropriated hearing or investigation is needed to effect a change of labeling the reason why a protected city employee if fired for.

Document 3: After the fact, after YMN had been, in violation of the Contract, fired and removed from the City payroll by the above August 17th, 2001 letter, the racist City education officials asked the New York City Police Department to either investigate or arrest YMN. On September 12, 2002 (one year later), the Police Department declined to investigate or take the case, sending it back to the city's Board of Education own OSI (Office of Special Investigation) to investigate the matter telling OSI, "If your office conducts and investigation and determines that a crime may have been committed, you should immediately notify me." This document, transmitted by fax, was written on the letterhead of the "Police Department, School Safety Division, 600 East 6th Street, New York, New York 10009" and signed by Captain JOD.

Document 4: Memorandum written by OSI dated August 29, 2001. This memorandum is the report of the investigation and its conclusion and recommendation by the City's investigator. Again, according to the Contract, which protects teachers from capricious or racist or else arbitrary and detrimental actions by any city official, the teacher was never to be terminated before any investigation could be conducted and concluded and the cause to be fired should meet the prescribed standard as outlined in the Contract. This Memorandum, written after YMN had been already fired, was signed by Confidential Investigator RG. It is written on the letterhead of the "Board of Education of the City of New York, HOL, Chancellor, Office of the Chancellor, 110 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. The Recommendation of the investigator: "It is recommended that Mr. YMN remain on the Board of Education Ineligible/Inquiry List." To "remain" means that YMN was supposed to still be employed and on the City's payroll, according to normal, legal, and Contract's procedures. This is why the Special Investigator uses the verb "remain".

Yet, the Board of Education officials never contacted YMN for him to come back to work and he was never given a copy of this Memorandum or report from the OSI. The racists who had unlawfully and illegally fired YMN felt that they did not have to correct their racist behavior, believing that there was nothing that this Black male with an African sounding name could do to either get back his job or affect their racist-selves negatively. Thus they totally ignored the recommendation of the OSI and they never contacted YMN who is still waiting to be called back to his teaching job.

Document 5: In order to effectively complete the racist firing of YMN, the racist officials of the City's Board of Education had to convince the entity that represents the teachers, the UFT, at least a decision maker there to go along with their racist act. Thus, the racist officials of the Board of Education contacted the Director of the Grievance Department of the UFT, HS, who had the power to take the case of YMN to ARBITRATION, the last step of the Grievance process. Indeed, after the first three steps, YMN's case was slated to go to arbitration. Twice the UFT wrote to YMN that his case was going to arbitration and twice HS decided unilaterally NOT TO. The second time he, in essence, told YMN to get lost.

Out of desperation, not knowing what to do next, and not knowing that the City's own investigator has concluded that he should "remain" on the Board of Education, meaning that he shouldn't had been fired in the first place, YMN filed a complaint with the Federal Court in Manhattan.

Document 6: The Federal Judge, WHP, of the Southern District of the US District Court of New York issued his Order on September 29, 2006, after Summary judgment. In his Order he detailed the case he ruled in favor of YMN on discrimination and First Amendment Rights in school setting.

All these documents and the depositions of the parties are available at the email given above for anyone to see them. All one has to do is contact Mr. Yaa-Lengi.

Would the authorities of New York City correct this blatant injustice and racism that was practiced by some racist elements in its midst?

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