There are many people who build their houses with their own plans. In fact many people have small plans on their minds as to how to build a house. These plans blossom into a real house. If you are one such person who actually has a plan of how to build a house and are planning to use this method to build the house, then you may really not need an architect at all.

There is actually more than one situation where you may not need an architect and these are listed here.

1. You have a drafter:

If you have a drafter, then there is little need for you to need an architect. Though you may not be able to replace the actual talent of the architect, you should also think of the cost involved, because the drafter is a person who has usually worked with an architect. This means that the drafter is a lot more experienced in matters of building.

2. You want to save money:

If you are planning to save a lot of money, then you need not have an architect for your building. The reason is that architects do not come cheap and at the same time, you should wonder why they are expensive. The reason for the high cost of appointing an architect is that they are really talented people and they have many tricks up their sleeve about building your house, but if the money is what your concern is, then you might as well avoid an architect.

3. Use your builder to good effect:

These days, because of the high competition, there are many builders who have their own architects too to help those who approach them for the construction. This will help you because if you select a person who is building, and also has an architect in the ranks then you would have bagged two birds in one shot and that is a great plus for you!

4. Professional workmen:

When you have professional workmen, then it prevents the need for you to have a great architect working for you because you will have people who work hard and also in the best possible method. In case you do not have a team that works professionally, then you need a person goading them to work and also check on their work to see if it is correct. So if you have a great builder with good professional work people, then you will have a great building.

These are some of the instances when you may not need an architect, but as a person who is having the house built, you should remember that if you want the house to be perfect, then you should not leave an architect out of the process. If you have other concerns that are greater, then you could give the architect a miss. Remember that you may not build a house every other day, and so you should give it your all if you can.

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