As a parent, there are many times when you might have been frustrated with the behavior of your child. You might have thought about the various aspects of the activities that your child is doing and must have been irritated and various emotions must have run through your mind. At the same time, you know that it is your child and all the negative emotions that you get are just a passing phase when your child is naughty and is not behaving well. The love for your child will always surpass all other emotions.

Parental control

The question remains if you need to limit the behavior of your child at times. The answer is a big YES. The reason for this is that unless you are able to control your child, you will not be able to have a say in the growth of the child. There are many children who have had no proper parental control and they have grown up to be very bad in their behavior. In fact some of the kids even become very anti social in their activities.

Parental control will make sure that the child has an idea about the right and the wrong. This is very essential as the child is growing because this will form the basis of the behavior of the child. If the child is not controlled, then the child will think that all kinds of behavior is acceptable and this will make the child to further indulge in activities that are wrong and should not be done. Parental control may change over a period of time as the child grows and this too is very important.

Answering your child's questions:

As the child grows, there will be many questions that the child will ask. There are some questions that are relevant and others that are not. You should decide on the merit of each question and answer. At times, you should realize that you are not your child's best friend, and you shouldn't feel like you have to answer every personal question your child might ask you. Establishing boundaries (the things we will and won't talk about with strangers, family, friends, and eventually romantic partners) is an important developmental stage, and you can model for your child by having clear boundaries about what you will and will not discuss with them. All other questions that are relevant, you should answer openly and truthfully.

All these will ensure that your child has a great time with you and you will also be peaceful that you have ensured that the child is growing up to be a better person that what would have happened if you had not had any parental control. There is something else that you have to remember and that is that you should make sure that when you enforce rules in your house and also try to control your child, you should be firm, but at the same time, you should be loving in all the actions that you do.

If you are not firm, the child will not take you seriously. Similarly, if you do not show your love when you are firm, the child will start behaving abnormally at times.

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