For gardening enthusiasts, it is of vital importance to always keep their lawns immaculate and one heck of a head turner, this is why investing in a high quality lawn mower is also very important; and an investment it is because the high end lawn mowers don't exactly come cheap.

With that being said, you need to take into consideration some tips on how you can do proper lawnmower maintenance or the occasional repair yourself, after all, you need to learn how to take care of that investment of yours.

Because of the changing seasons, your lawnmower gets exposed to elements that can cause damage to its blades as well as other parts so you need to make sure that you follow the golden rule in garden machinery care; and that is to keep your lawn mower stored in a place where rain or snow can't get to it whenever you are not using it.

Now to make sure that you will still have a perfectly working lawn mower come summer season, you need to make sure that you check your batteries regularly during the off - season; be sure to check if the batteries need to be recharged and start the lawn mower's engine from time to time. Checking whether or not he fuel has deteriorated to turned old in your lawn mower's tank is also another way to make sure that you will not encounter any surprises when it's time for you to cut the grass on your lawn. Get rid of old fuel that can clog up the carburetor in your lawn mower's small engine and simply add a fuel stabilizer every time you fill the tanks with fuel, this way you can avoid spending a lot of time and energy trying to start a clogged up engine as well as save a lot of money on costly lawn mower servicing. Checking the oil in the engine every three months or so is also important in keeping your lawn mower in good working order; at eh very least, change the oil inside the engine before you begin using it again during spring time especially if it has yet been given an oil change before you stored it during the winter. Keep in mind that your lawn mower is powered by an engine (unless you own one of those manually powered lawn mowers) and all automotive engines need regular oil engines for it to work properly and avoid premature damages.

Another cost effective and actually very simple way to make sure your lawn mower will work properly when you need it is to replace spark plugs as well as the filters before you use it again during spring or summer, doing so every year extends the life of your mower. Make sure that you wash thoroughly and then air dry the foam filters and replace all paper filters, and change the fuel filter, too so you won't have trouble starting your lawn mower.

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