You would think that casting a 90 million dollar film that has a huge cult following would be easy, where's most actors almost kill for a chance to be in a potential blockbuster film Raw Leiba looks at it differently "I think if your good at what you do and you continue to work at your craft, good things will happen for you" Leiba says.

The stuntman turned actor was reportedly offered in the neighborhood of 3 million dollars to be a villain in the Marcus Nispel directed remake of "Conan"(most speculate it was he role of Ukafa but some reports say it was character being "created" of an Indian persuasion). "If your acting for money that's one thing,I guess I could back out on my other projects and be known for saying one thing and doing another or you stay true to your word and other commitments I can remember a time I was broke and I was happy then too".Those commitments are reported to be "The Driver" with Heather Locklear (Boston Legal) and Abe Vigoda (Barney Miller ,Fish) and another "unnamed project" with a "major director" attached. Leiba has since signed on to be stunt coordinator on the Rel Dowdell feature film "Changing the Game" starring Tony Todd (Candyman) and Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones (Blade the Series)
Nispel is reported as saying,"I like him (Leiba) good actor,very smart, athletic,phenomenal physique" but adds, "We have a great cast,Im very happy with what we have".

Jason Momoa(Stargate/Atlantis) is "Conan", Mickey Rourke has been cast as his father "Corin" and Bob Sapp is the aforementioned villain "Ukafa".

So can things change? "Never say never,but its not likely" says Leiba.

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