So what constitutes a hard interview query? Take a appear at the examples below to provide you a much better idea of what you may expect at your interview.

What do you not like most regarding your job?

There is probably some reasons that you dislike your job even if you do not want to admit it at interview, otherwise, why would you be looking for a new one? It is important not to be extreme in your views about the company as this will appear as childish and unprofessional. You shoud however be genuinely honest about your reasons unless you think that they will paint you in a negative light. You might actually love your current job but the money is not good enough. You do not want to admit to this however as it will make you come across as solely concerned with money and that is not the kind of employee that people want to hire. Say something along the lines of wanting a new challenge, but do not be too over critical. Write down how you would answer this question carefully as it will give a huge insight into your character.

Precisely why have you been with your current employer for such a long time?

There are probably several reasons why you have decided to stay with your current employer for so long. You should use this question to highlight your honesty and integrity and your sense of duty to one company. Explain that it has been a tough decision to move on because they have done so much for you and you feel indebted to them. Then you would say that you wanted to stay with a company and see it grow and progress, that it is much easier to be promoted within a company rather than coming from the outside. Don't allow an employer to think that you have been employing for other posts outside your company for years however as this will appear that you couldn't get a job and had no choice but to stay with the same people. Try and turn this into a positive reflection upon you as a candidate and person.

We Think You might Be Overqualified For This Job!

This is a good question to be asked because it will really help to decide whether someone wants to employ you or not. If you were overqualified for the position would you still be applying for it? The trouble with this question is that it can come across negatively, making you look desperate for any job. An employer does not want to take someone on who is just going to leave again in a couple of months. Therefore you should make clear to them that you do not get bored easily and you see this as a new and exciting challenge, that you stay with companies for a long time etc.

If you Were Appointed To This Position How Lengthy Would It Be Before You'd Expect To be Promoted?

Let's face it; most of us want promotion as soon as possible. Promotion usually leads to more money and better employment benefits (of course it also usually entails more work and stress) but you should consider your answer to this question carefully. If you answer "I'd expect promotion within 12 months of being appointed" you allocate a timescale which may not be acceptable to your future employer. They may not be looking to promote you for a good few years and may feel that you would become despondent and leave if you didn't achieve your goal. In all honesty the right sort of answer to this question is going to be something like "I couldn't give a time by which I would expect to be promoted. I would need to prove myself to the company in terms of my ability, leadership skills and the experience that I would bring to the business. I feel that promotion is a reward, not a right and as with all rewards I am a great believer in that you need to earn them".

You have Read The Career Description and a Summary From the Job Role So What Areas Of This Career Appeal To You The Least?

You have to be careful right here to show that there is no facet of this job that would put you off. Short answers here are truly all that you can give as you are able to become flustered and might end up spurting out something detrimental. Explain that you have looked through the job description in great detail and assure them that each facet of the career appeals to you and you believe that you simply would enjoy it very a lot.

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